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4 best sites to buy Discord members for your Discord server

Are you looking to buy discord members for your Discord server? Discord is a communication platform that allows gamers to chat with other players in real-time. It has been growing significantly over the last few years, and it continues to grow as more people discover its benefits. This article will discuss the 4 best sites where you can buy discord members from. It is one of the best places to buy discord members. Gramlike is a website that provides additional social media services apart from selling discord members. It was founded by gamers with an aim to provide unique, professional, and friendly services for all kinds of online communities including gaming ones.

Gramlike gives you more than just cheap prices when it comes to buying Discord Members. They have the fastest delivery on the market and can add members in approximately one hour from the time of your order. They also make sure all of the Discord users have real-looking PFP’s.

Fiverr Gigs: Another place where you can buy discord members at cheap rates would be The process of purchasing them here is quite straightforward as well – simply press on “order” after picking out of the Fivver gig according to your liking/budget, and simply add a link to your Discord server so the sellers can add your members.

PlayerUp: PlayerUp is a forum where you can buy Discord members. This site is fantastic for making some personalized orders. However, when you utilize their services, keep in mind that each time you make a purchase on this platform, you will not receive 100% fast delivery services. Rather than being a marketplace, this website is more like a social media forum. It does not deal with these services directly.

Members here provide these services and may or may not be trustworthy. You may get your members quickly one time, but you could wait an entire week the next. Despite this, it is an excellent alternative for anybody wanting to market the server without spending a lot of money.

HypeFreaks: HyperFreaks is another Discord users/service provider that only allows payment via cryptocurrency.  It has a Discord bot that can be integrated into your server to sell memberships.

The greatest advantage of this platform is the extremely low prices compared to its competitors, though it does have much longer waiting times. It also takes different cryptocurrencies so you are not limited to just Bitcoin or Ethereum here, which is a nice touch.

What are the benefits of buying Discord members?

Discord members make your server look more popular and active. The extra social proof you will get from buying Discord users will attract more users to your server which will help it grow at a faster rate.

Is it safe to buy Discord users for a server?

Yes. The process of buying Discord users for your server is entirely safe. In fact, Famemass reports that “even if the added Discord members get detected as bots, the Discord member accounts will be deleted and not the server.”