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4 Easy Ways to Get a Bigger Tax Refund in Australia

There are several restrictions on what you can and cannot deduct under the country’s tax code.

Even if tax deductions aren’t easy, several methods exist to seek guidance and do it properly. Do you receive your entire tax refund when you file your tax return?

Want a more significant tax refund but don’t want to get into problems with the ATO because you don’t know where to start? Then the following information will answer all your questions.

Organize Documents

Keenly prepare your records, such as business expenditure receipts, salary slips, bank statements, logbook entries, and payment summaries. These business deductions may get you a bigger tax refund, which can benefit your finances.

There’s no difference between working with a tax professional or doing the job while keeping track of your costs on a spreadsheet. You can also get the checklist of claimable receipts from the ATO website.

If you have proof that you spent money on something related to your job, you should claim it. Taxpayers commonly claim the following deductions:

  1. Costs associated with driving your automobile to and from work.
  2. If you have to travel for work, you may be able to deduct the expense of meals and lodging.
  3. Tools for a tradesman, a laptop for an office worker, or even a purse or briefcase needed to transport business papers are all scenarios you may claim.

Remember to save your records and receipts for the entire five years that the ATO asks you to maintain them.

Present Accurate Information

You can only deduct what you’ve spent.

You should not exaggerate your deductions to gain a more extensive claim against expenses. You may consult various sources to get more information about your claims, from financial organizations and banks.

The ATO will challenge your tax return if the numbers don’t add up.

Learn About Autofill and Prefill Options

Many of your income details can be pre-filled from the ATO’s system. If the ATO finds out that you failed to report income, the onus is on you, even if the data you used came directly from the ATO’s databases.

Instead of pre-filled data, most tax accountants will use your documents as their heir starting point. By doing this, taxpayers who want to file their returns early have a lower likelihood of having their income data incorrectly reported later.

Follow Expert Advice

If you don’t pay attention and submit a wrong tax return, it might result in a lesser refund or ATO fines.

Almost 74 percent of Australians prefer to leave their return to an agent since it is less stressful. The return will be flawless and complete as a result, and you will receive an accurate refund.

After you submit your tax return, you may check the status of your return status by logging on to the government’s website, which is accessible from any computer or mobile device.

The best part is that you may also deduct the cost of hiring a tax professional.