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4 Easy Ways to Get More Vitamin D

The summer’s almost here, which means plenty more opportunities for outdoor fun. But the great outdoors isn’t just a salve for mental health; it’s also a profound facilitator for your body’s vitamin D production.

What the big deal with vitamin D anyways? While its cousins – vitamin C and vitamin A – get the lion’s share of the attention, D is every bit as essential to your overall health. It promotes healthy bones and lower blood pressure, helps your body ward off afflictions, and may even slow or prevent cancer development. In short, it’s an excellent vitamin to have in your corner.

With summer approaching, it’s usually easy to get the requisite amount of vitamin D. But this year is a little different. With shifting lockdown patterns and stay-at-home orders, people are unsure how much time they will get outdoors. For that reason, this article is looking at a few different ways to get more vitamin D.

Install Bigger Windows

Installing replacement windows will not only help you maximize indoor sunshine in the summer months – but it will also help throughout the year. If your windows require replacement anyways because of age, inefficiency, or inadequate installation, now may be the perfect time to take charge.

Look for windows with Low-E glass, which allows plenty of visible sunlight while restricting infrared and ultraviolet rays that may warm your home. To get started on your renovation, research the sizing and shapes of standard window sizes and consult with a quality window manufacturer about your project.

Introduce More Seafood into Your Diet

Seafood can be a fantastic source of vitamin D – especially fattier fish like salmon, kippers, and mackerel. A serving of these fish often contains enough daily micrograms of vitamin D for your body. Other kinds of seafood like canned tuna are good, if incomplete, sources of the vitamin too.

If you’re a vegetarian (or you simply don’t like the taste of fish), you can also work more egg yolks and mushrooms into your diet, both of which contain healthy amounts of the vitamin.

Get a Sun Lamp

The summer’s great, but it doesn’t last forever. For those dark winter months and overcast fall days, consider getting a sun lamp. These powerful lamps produce 10,000 lux, which helps the body naturally produce vitamin D.

Additionally, these lamps can help your body produce serotonin. They have also been effective at mitigating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Enjoy the Warm Seasons Safely

Finally, despite restrictions, there are ways to enjoy the outdoors safely this summer. Ultimately, you should refer to your local rules and regulations, and the advice of health experts. But most experts encourage people to continue getting outdoors for light exercise and even physically distanced socializing.

Even indoors, you can reap the healthful benefits of vitamin D. Replace your windows with large low-E windows, work more seafood into your diet and find a sun lamp for the dark days.