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4 Features of Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meters That Will Convince You to Have One Installed Today

The demand for fluid measuring meters has increased lately due to the sudden boom of businesses, particularly food enterprises, all over the world. However, for a business to obtain legal approval to allow and continue its business operations, it has to pass a strict inspection that includes flow meters to be installed that will prevent liquid-related accidents to occur before or during the operations.

Of course, it’s a given fact that flow meters tend to be very costly and there have been several manufactured meter measurement devices that look and function similarly, but you can always choose the right option that is worth every money you spend that would definitely not compromise your customers and employees’ safety. Yes, there is an ideal fluid measuring equipment that’s waiting for you that has exactly every feature that you wanted in a flow meter. Portable ultrasonic flow meters are surely one of the best fluid measuring devices you can rely upon when looking for versatility and practicality, regardless of how and where you’ll be using it.

Browse below to know more on why you should consider getting one and which of the countless choices would perfectly match the conditions of your business operations with respect to the area space, capability, performance, longevity, and most especially, the correctness of flow information.

  1. Effortless mobility and installation

One advantage of availing a portable ultrasonic flow meter is its transferability and movability. Handling flow meters demand extra care especially in transporting it from one place to another which is why a case has been devised to support the entire equipment. It would be very beneficial to buy a protective cover to prevent unwanted damages on the instrument as an effect of mishandling or reckless transporting. Specifically, find ultrasonic liquid meters that partnered with non-intrusive transducers that can be attached or inserted on the flow meter pipes; tightly-packed racks that can be easily mounted on different surfaces (preferably magnetic and cable); a coupling compound or couplant gel for secured attachment and lastly, the flow meter kit should be equipped with an easy set-up installation procedure through a reliable instruction manual and CD.

Basically, your standards for choosing a flow meter should not only focus on the meter itself, but also the tools that are included whether these are truly beneficial or just unnecessary additions to the cost of the meter kit.

  1. Versatility

Busy business operations call for durable and longer-lasting flow meters which is why you should be searching for fluid meters that are accompanied by highly-sensitive ultrasonic sensors that give off digital signals. These signals would need a medium that converts them into a different form of energy and should be versatile for all material types and sizes of pipes available and also for various flow measurement demands. Such features provide ultrasonic flow meters higher leverage over other meter types.

  1. High information reliability and accuracy

The most important feature that should be present in every ultrasonic flow meter – even all flow meters, in general, is their accurate estimation of flow readings. Whether the liquid may be conductive or not and regardless of whatever matter exists within the fluid, the meter should be producing close to correct measurements.

Nowadays, technological innovations have been added to traditional ultrasonic flow meters. Compact, mini devices that serve as remote controls for the meters in order for users to directly monitor and program certain functions for their convenience. This can properly assist them in identifying the velocity, changes in flow rate, and temperature along with the date and time which then will notify whether a fluid problem needs to be dealt with quickly. Furthermore, upgraded features such as wireless Bluetooth-enabled and Internet-powered tablets or phones have been confidently approved by experts as effective in gathering flow data. Storing flow information for longer periods of time is now even possible through the help of memory cards with large storage space that will also allow your device to its maximum capacity.

  1. Guaranteed Long-lasting Performance

Nothing is more frustrating than a dysfunctional equipment. Imagine carrying out all the necessary steps to ensure that you don’t commit any mistake from the selection, transportation and installation of the flow meter. Still, as you begin its operation, it fails to function. To address this, it is best recommended that you purchase a flow meter that comes with a lithium-ion battery since it will only require charging for it to operate without any interruption caused by sudden shutdowns. Generally, charged flow meters operate for a duration of 16 hours or more but if you can search for batteries that can function longer than 16-20 hours, the better.

Have you come to a decision to purchase a portable ultrasonic flow meter for your current business, or probably a future entrepreneurial venture? If you are still unsure and a bit skeptical, we highly advise that you consult a flow meter expert. That way, your doubts regarding this matter will be gone as you can openly ask them everything about this whole setup and assist you in every step of the procedure.

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