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4 Free Easy Ways to Add a Calendar to Your Website

Now-a-days, calendars are saviours in our hectic lifestyles, and we use them for different reasons. With individuals finding most of their solutions online, it isn’t any surprise that calendars have dominated this space also. There are loads of sites which offer Free Calendar Template in tens of thousands of designs and layouts. It is as simple as clicking a button. All these are small yet powerful tools to manage the multiple activities of our everyday lives effortlessly.

If you have a web site, then you’d surely want to make it easy for the people to find solutions to their problems. If are notifying your customers about a coming instance of your business, then it would be a fantastic choice if you add a calendar on your site so that customers can save the event directly in the calendar . It is an easy yet time-saving technique for those traffic and makes your site customer-centric. So here we are going to discuss some easy hacks on how you can add a calendar to your site.

#1 Google Calendar

Google calendars are efficient and multi-platform tools that allows users to handle their time and schedule effortlessly. It is available as an app version and also desktop and tablet version. It’s available for numerous platforms like Android and iOS platforms.

So If You Would like to add a Google calendar widget in your Site:

On a computer, start Google calendar. It’s possible to find the embed code just through the Desktop version.

On a general calendar, create or edit an event.

Click More Actions> Publish Events.

From the screen you’d have the ability to see an embed code.

Open your website editor and paste where you need your event button to display.

#2 Hubspot CRM

Most of the meeting scheduler tools just connect to the website, but what on your CRM? Hubspot’s meeting scheduling tool integrates with both your calendar as well as Hubspot CRM, if you’ve got one. So it becomes effortlessly easy for you to set up a meeting with your customers, prospects, leads.

If you have sent a fax for your customer alongside a Fax Cover Sheet, a meeting scheduler could be productive in taking the next step in scheduling a meeting with your customer.

#3 Calendly

They offer a basic free program, and also a paid premium plan that offers productive features like group scheduling and much more. It’s possible to share the Calendly links right through mail or embed it on your website.

#4. is a strong events scheduler tool that integrates seamlessly with programs such as WordPress, Tumblr, Joomla, etc.. It permits you to make public events through your website using beautiful calendars. It allows you to automatically sync your events with other calendars, hence making connections with your customers easier.

These were a few of the top calendar programs which you can easily enhance your site at no cost. It makes conversation with your clients simpler and makes organizing events a lot easier for you. Thsu, apart from enhancing the appearance and feel of your website, it is going to save yourself a good deal of your time and efforts in scheduling a meeting with your clients.