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4 Great Vacation Options

You deserve a vacation — and you could use one! Experts agree that vacations are more than just enjoyable breaks from the daily grind. They’re actually very good for our bodies and minds in important and measurable ways, and they also happen to make us more productive at work when we return. So going on a trip is a no-brainer. But choosing where to go? Well, that’s a bit more difficult.

If you’re stuck for ideas on where to go on your next big trip, do not fear: We’ve got a few ideas. Below, we’ll lay out four foolproof vacation strategies. Just choose your favorite, fill in the details, book the travel arrangements, reserve your lodging, and have a vacation that you’ll never forget!

The adventurous beach vacation

There’s a reason that the week on a beach is the classic choice for vacationgoers. It’s relaxing, enjoyable, and an overall beautiful experience. But there’s also no doubt that beach weeks can be a little too laid-back. Depending on your perspective and your personal preferences, you may find that prolonged time on the beach or at the resort can feel a little too lazy — or even boring!

But it doesn’t have to be this way. You can take the traditional beach vacation and add active and exciting twists. There are a lot of adventurous things to do on the beach or on the water—case in point, the pros who offer parasailing near Palm Beach, Florida. Mixing and matching your relaxing days on the beach with upbeat experiences like Jet Skiing, surfing, and scuba diving can be just the thing for a balanced, healthy, and memorable vacation.

The historically good trip

It’s easy to think of vacations as a time to turn off your brain, but that’s not really the case. What vacations really offer is a change of pace: It’s not so much that you’re not thinking as that you’re thinking of something else. And that’s why it’s possible to learn a lot on vacation and still return feeling relaxed and at peace.

So find something that you enjoy, and make your vacation a learning experience! This is especially easy for history buffs to do, point out the experts at Henry County Convention & Visitors Bureau — where, as they say, “history has a name.” There are tons of great historic sites to visit in the United States and across the world: Revolutionary War forts, Civil War battlefields, historic homes, ancient ruins, and more. Why not come up with a historic trail of your own and follow it all vacation long?

The away-from-home staycation

Do you live in a big city that you rarely take advantage of until friends or family members come to visit — or a small city that you may be underrating? If so, you may have all of the vacation experiences that you need right in your hometown. You’re the perfect candidate for a “staycation.”

But let’s face it — staying in your own home doesn’t exactly scream “trip of a lifetime.” If you have the budget for a vacation, why not spend a bit of it to get a nice hotel or AirBNB in your own town? Stay near the theaters, nightlife, and other attractions that you want to enjoy, and get a real tourist’s experience in the place that you call home.

The conversation starter

There are some vacation spots that everyone seems to go to, year after year. You know: Miami, Paris, even Iceland. They all seem so obvious! So here’s your plan: Just go somewhere else.

Well, not just anywhere else. Pick one of the up-and-coming destinations that are safe, interesting, and fun while still being off the beaten path. Go to Mauritius or to Kazakhstan. Experience a culture that you never thought you’d come into contact with and see things that you never thought you’d see. This is the vacation you never knew you needed.

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