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4 Must Have Business Cards for Your Business Reputation

The Smile of Your Business
It has often been said that a website is the face of a business, and in a way, that is the truth. Potential clients will go on a website in order to find out information about a business. At the same time, those same clients will need to know how to find the businesses. Since the previous facts are true, it is possible to say that business cards are the smile of a business. Business cards serve as a kind reminder; they help partners and customers know that a business exist, and they also give a beautiful preview of a business. Even though we are living in the age of technology, business cards are still necessary; they give businesses legitimacy and they serve as a fabulous promotion tool. The following are five must-haves for business cards.

1. Include All Relevant Information about the Business
In order for business cards to be useful, they must have all of the information needed in order to locate the business. That information includes the business name, website, address, phone number and email. Without this information, potential clients will never be able to find the business.

2. Include a Logo or Pertinent Image
Pictures give us an avant gout to the business. We understand the world through our eyes, and a good image can draw clients to our website. Since that is the case, the picture should say something about our business in a brief and memorable way; if a logo is preferred, it should be clear and designed by a professional.

3.Make Sure to Include Color
Even though colorless cards are more affordable, they are more forgettable as well. We want people to look at our cards. That means that they need to be vibrant and colorful. Most business owners only cover the basics with their cards, and their cards get lost in a sea of other business cards. Cards that have colorful edges are easy to see, and they are attractive. Savvy business owners add extra color to all sides of their cards in order to be unique and memorable.

4. Give the Card a Unique style
Boring business cards are out-of-date. Nowadays, we have a plethora of options when it comes to card style and texture. Magnetic business cards are a great way to stay in the eye of a potential network partner or client. Once they get the card, they can put it in their wallet, and when they get home, they can stick their card on the fridge. Whenever they go to get food, the card will be in eyeshot. Metal business cards are another way to get noticed, since the feel of the card is unique, a client is likely to touch it and take it out more frequently. Laser cut cards, textured cards or curved edge cards are also great ways to take advantage of the human tendency to want to touch different textures. Clients will be impressed by the innovation behind the cards, and that will drive them to want to investigate the business.

5. Include Plenty of White Space
Forward thinking business owners recognize the value of white space on a business card. When talking to potential clients, they may want to have the opportunity to write supplemental information about the business on the card. This could include information about where we met. This gives context to the card. In order to make writing on the card easy, it is best to use a flat or matte finish.

Business Cards Matter
Our business cards are what make us stand out from the crowd. They are an affordable and easy way to tell the world how amazing our businesses are. Since that is the case, it is best to do the homework needed in order to get a card that accurately represents our business.


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