4 Reasons You Need a Professional Shredder

With all the talk about hacking and data breaches going on in the news, it’s important to take a moment and consider how to safeguard your own data. For starters, not all data breaches are digital in nature, and there are things you can do to reduce the liabilities for a breach around your own home.

Here are four reasons that you may need to hire a professional shredder today.

1. Everybody Has Sensitive Documents

Hollywood movies often depict secret documents being frantically shredded the moment right before the authorities arrive, but this is only sensational fodder for the big screen. In reality, just being a citizen is enough to produce sensitive documents which could give identity thieves the entry point they need to hack you.

You need reliable document shredding services, because if an identity thief gets possession of your social insurance number, banking information, or tax forms, it could be sufficient to drain your account. Very basic information that everyone possesses can become a threat if it gets into the wrong hands.

2. Professional Shredding Has Never Been Easier

Don’t sit there and wonder how you’re going to transport so much paper to a secure shredding facility. Many businesses today deliver door-to-door service and professional shredders do too.

For small volumes to shred, the best professional shredders can dispose of it all from right in front of your home in their mobile shredding truck. For larger volumes, they can pick it up in their truck and take it to their facility where it’ll be securely shredded. Either way, you never have to lift a finger.

3. Data Has Many Forms

As you surely know, these days it’s very common for information to be stored on electronic devices. Your home may contain sensitive data that you haven’t really thought about as being a threat.

While devices like hard drives, USB/flash drives or smartphones may be the first devices you think of that store data, you may have a computer printer or photocopier storing confidential information on its memory card.

It’s not enough to throw these devices into the garbage. You need to have the microchips shredded to the point where the data on them cannot be retrieved. Only then is the data risk truly eliminated.

4. Recycling Matters

The best professional shredders don’t just keep you safe; they do so in a way that’s always environmentally friendly. Whether it is boxes of paper or the components inside an electronic device, professional shredders take the time to ensure that every piece of discarded waste is disposed of in the Greenest way possible.

It’s good to know that the data risk has been eliminated from your life, but it’s even better when you know it’s also been properly recycled.

Modern security risks aren’t so threatening if you take the proper precautions. Prevent a data breach before it starts by getting all the sensitive information in your home destroyed securely by a professional shredder.