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4 Skills You Need to Learn while in Lockdown

The past few months spent in quarantine have definitely given us a bit more time on our hands than ever before. With the world going into shut down mode and most of our favourite restaurants, cafes, and leisurely outings no longer available – we have been forced to stay in our homes and find new ways to pass the time.

Most of us have made the most of this extraordinary time of lockdown and taken the rare opportunity of slowing down life to do the things we were previously too busy for pre-lockdown.

If you’re one of those people, however, that are looking at the past few weeks as a bit of a blur and feel like you haven’t used this unique time of quarantine wisely then fear not, as here are some of the top skills you can start to learn in your current endless free time.

Learn to bake

Most of our beloved bakeries and cafes have either closed or limited their produce greatly due to sticking to the self-isolation guidelines. This means we have been deprived of some of our favourite baked goods. Why not take this time as an opportunity to put whisk to bowl and learn to bake some fresh, homemade goods with an online cake class. Satisfy that sweet tooth by learning to make pretty decorated cakes and delicate sweet desserts from your own kitchen.

Learn to cook

Very much like bakeries and cafes, the majority of our favourite restaurants have closed their doors. This gives us the opportunity to work on our culinary prowess and start making some of our favourite dishes at home. The rush of normal life doesn’t give us enough time in the kitchen, but now we can relish this time at home to invest in those all important cooking skills. Follow top chefs online or dust off that cook book that’s been on your shelf for a while and start making some delicious dishes.

Learn a language

What better way to prepare yourself for all those endless holidays and abroad adventures you’ll be embarking on after lockdown, than by learning a new language that you can use in the long list of countries you wish to visit. There are so many online websites and downloadable phone apps that you can follow to learn anything from French, Spanish, German, Chinese to Latin. It is also a great additional skill to add onto your professional CV!

Learn to paint or draw

Having a creative outlet during this time is both a great skill to learn and a very therapeutic way to pass the time. If you’re sick of looking at screens all day then pick up a paintbrush and paper and unleash your inner-artist. There are so many art sets that contain a range of oil-paints, watercolours, chalks, and design sheets to follow if you’re a beginner. They are sure to get you on your way to becoming the next Van Gogh….


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