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4 Tips To Safely Load & Unload Goods

There are hundreds of boxes of goods coming and leaving your factory. The last step of loading the goods in a delivery van is one of the most important. You need to carefully pick up each box and carefully place it in the delivery vehicle. To make this process easier, quicker, and safer, you must look for forklifts for sale at Adaptalift Group. Using this will make sure that the goods are not damaged while moving and lifting. Here are some more tips to safely load and unload goods.

Tightly Packed Boxes

Before lifting the boxes, make sure that they are properly packed. The goods inside that box shall not fall or come out of the box while shipping. If possible, seal the boxes properly to make them safe from moisture and heat. This will also help you in keeping the goods inside the box safe. If the boxes are not tightly packed, then there is a possibility that goods might get damaged. In case there are many numbers of boxes dispatching, you can have a team who makes sure that all the boxes are tightly packed and properly sealed.

Take a Record Of Goods

It is extremely important to keep a record of all the goods that are loading and unloading from your factory or warehouse. If something goes wrong while shipping, you will always have a record as proof. This will also help to match the number of goods that are currently there in your warehouse. Things that you must note down while taking a record are the number of boxes, the number of goods, vehicle registration number, and signature of the delivery vehicle driver. All these records will be helpful to you in several ways in the future.

Clean the Surface

To make loading easy and safe, you must ensure that you are using a clean and smooth surface box. It should not have any kind of defects as it may make the box weaker. Apart from that, before loading the goods in the delivery van, clean the surface of the delivery vehicle. Remove all the dust and pebbles as it may damage your goods. You must also see that there are no insects where you are storing or loading the goods. Else, they may cause harm to the boxes and goods. Thus, a clean and smooth surface of the box and delivery vehicle is highly essential.

Verify Sender and Reciever

To avoid any kind of theft and to keep your goods safe, you must verify the receiver before loading the goods. If an unknown person acts as a receiver and delivery man, you might have to face a loss. The same goes for when you are collecting the goods. Know the name of the driver and registration number in advance and verify the same before collecting the goods. You must take a signature and a photograph of the person who is bringing or taking goods for delivery from your factory or warehouse.