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4 Ways to Be a Hero for Your Favourite Cause

In today’s world, there are a ton of causes in need of support from good-hearted, caring people.

In fact, there are over 800,000 charities and nonprofits in the United Kingdom and over 10 million non-profits around the world, according to current statistics from the National Philanthropic Trust, UK. If you are a supporter of any of these charities, we salute you.

But, are you doing everything you can to support your cause adequately?

To explain, 89% of individuals who support a cause do so by sending monetary donations. However, what most people don’t realize is that charities and nonprofits can benefit from other methods of support.

Sure, financial gifts will always be in high demand, but what if you can do more than just send money? If you’re curious, read further about different ways you can be a hero for your favorite cause.

Rally for Your Cause

While monetary support is admirable, it won’t sustain your charity if nobody knows about it.

In a sea of growing needs, it’s difficult for non-profits to get the word out about their mission and purpose. That’s where you come in. You can be a significant help by spotlighting your favorite charity or nonprofit. You can advocate for your heart’s cause by vocalizing their good works.

For instance, launch a campaign on social media touting your charity’s merit. You can even go a step further by conducting a real time survey, which shows social community members how your charity is growing through your advocacy campaign.

Your efforts through sharing the mission of your cause through social media by using smart posts and timely data related to your cause through polls or surveys is a brilliant way to drum up attention for a beneficial cause.


Historically, charities face challenges when keeping afloat and administering their benefits to their specialized demographic or sector. Yes, meeting financial goals is a constant struggle for nonprofits and charities.

However, finding helping hands is a titanic issue that beneficial organizations grapple with on a daily basis. Therefore, you might want to consider giving your time to your beloved cause. Consider your own talents and skills.

For instance, if you are a crackerjack accountant, think about gifting your talent for numbers to the charity of your choice.  Approach the organization of your choice and let them know how you can help.

Odds are, they will be delighted to accept your gift of time and hands-on-deck help.

Organize a Benefit

Due to the countless struggles most nonprofits and charities deal with, most organizations would be thrilled to accept outside help regarding fundraising. Orchestrating a benefit or fundraiser for a charity is a great way to show support.

Considering this, start organizing an event to raise awareness and funds for your special cause. Think about throwing a jumble sale in your community – invite community members to bring items they no longer want or use and then sell them.

Advertise the jumble sale and make it clear that all proceeds will go directly to your non-profit organization.

There are other ways to organize an event. You can opt to advocate for your cause by putting on an extravagant dinner and charging a donation price per plate. You can start a sports event, and ticket sales can go to your charitable cause.

You might even hold a fancy dress contest where attendants bid on the best dressed – the proceeds, of course, go toward supporting your charity.

When it comes to organizing a benefit for nonprofits or charities, you’re only limited by your creativity and imagination. Ultimately, this is a win-win, fun way for the whole community to become more aware and support a worthy cause.

Pay it Forward (in lieu of receiving gifts)

When you think about all the different special occasions we all experience every year, then you should also recognize a brilliant opportunity to support your cause. To elaborate, ask people to donate to your charity instead of buying gifts.

From birthdays to Christmas, bat mitzvahs to Hanukkah – there is a myriad of notable scenarios in that people can donate instead of giving presents to mark the occasion.

In conclusion, we hope we’ve inspired you to “think outside the box” when it comes to being a hero for your favorite cause. In truth, the opportunities to be a champion for your charity or non-profit are virtually limitless.

All it takes is a little creativity and your ongoing passion for supporting your cause.


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