4 Ways to Get Rid of Unknown Phone Calls

When you’re busy at home or work, getting unknown calls on your mobile phone can be frustrating and a waste of time. Instead of putting up with unknown callers, there are several ways you can get rid of those calls.

Block the Number

If you notice the same phone number continually calling you, you can block it. On most smartphones, call blocking is an option that each manufacturer builds into their systems. If you have an Android mobile phone, there are three options for blocking calls.

Use a Phone App

If your phone runs the stock Android operating system or Android One, open the phone app. Then, you can tap on the Overflow, which is three vertical dots on the upper right side of the screen. Then, select Settings and then Blocked Numbers.

Then, manually add the phone number that you’re blocking. The second way of using the Phone App is to press Recents when you open the app.

When you find the number that you wish to block, tap on it, and then choose Block/Report Spam. That will block the number that keeps calling your phone.

iPhone Instructions

While some smartphones operate differently to block phone calls, you will usually find the “Block” feature in settings or the phone App that manages your calls. If you have an iPhone, and it’s an iOS 7 or later, go to Settings on the Home Screen, then choose Blocking & Identification.

When that screen appears, Block Contact at the bottom of the page and follow the prompts. Along with phone calls, you can also block texts and Facetime.

Reverse Search the Number

When you get calls from an unknown phone number, you can look up the number to discover who is trying to contact you. Although you don’t have a name or city information, you can do a reverse search.

A reverse search involves looking up the phone number that pops up on the smartphone’s Caller ID feature. Anytime that you get a call, most smartphones will list the phone number and approximate area from which the call is originating.

Go to a reverse phone number search website, like DigCaller, and do a DigCaller phone search by inputting the phone number that showed up on your display. Then click “search” to get information on the call. You may get the name of the person or company that keeps calling you.

Unmask Anonymous Phone Calls

On most mobile phones, callers can mask their numbers before trying to contact someone. These calls could be from telemarketers, friends, or someone harassing you. Fortunately, there are ways to unmask or reveal those numbers and block them.

One way to do so is to use an app called “TrapCall.” This app is available for Android and iPhones. When your mobile rings and the display says “Private,” “Blocked,” or “Unknown,” decline the call.

Then, the app unmasks the call, and it will ring back your mobile showing the phone number of whoever tried calling you. You can then block the call if you desire. You can add it to a “Blacklist” of phone numbers that you don’t want calling you again.

It is not a free app, but they offer a free seven-day free trial if you want to try the mobile app before you buy it. So, if anonymous calls are a problem for you, consider downloading this app to unmask callers and add them to a block list.

Opt-Out of Sales Calls

In the United States, it is the Do Not Call list. In France, it is the BLOCTEL list, and in South Africa, it is the National Opt-Out Register. If you receive annoying telemarketing calls, you can sign a list to opt-out of getting them.

While some companies manage to work around these laws, many countries have strict rules against them. Also, companies that use telemarketing must obey another set of laws telling them when they can call and when they can’t.

If you keep getting telemarketing and robocalls, place your name on an opt-out list to stop them. However, remember it will take time, about 31 days, for your phone number to appear in the system so that you stop receiving these phone calls.


When you get anonymous or unknown phone calls, they could be from friends or family that don’t usually share their phone numbers with other people. However, they could also be prank calls from strangers, harassing calls from creditors, or telemarketing calls.

Stop wasting your time answering them and use one of these four methods to eliminate or identify callers who keep bothering you. If you have someone who is harassing or stalking you, now you can block or identify them using your mobile.

Protect yourself and your privacy by using one of these four methods to stop harassing or sales calls that are wasting your time or causing you to worry.