4 Ways to Make Operating Your Manufacturing Facility More Efficient

Operating a manufacturing facility means ensuring that the equipment is in top running condition, the employees are properly trained, and there are enough raw materials on hand to create finished goods. It also means paying attention to other issues, like the type of equipment you have on the premises. From things like dock levelers to security gates, attention to detail is important. Here are some suggestions on how to make your good facility into a great one and increase overall efficiency.

Making the Loading Dock More Efficient

As the team in your shipping and receiving department will attest, trailers don’t come in one size. It’s not just the length and width that may vary. The height can also be taller or a little shorter. In order to ensure that the loading and unloading is done without wasting time or resources, it pays to invest in more than one kind of dock leveler in Toronto.

There are levelers that are built into the dock itself. That makes it easier to lower the leveler so there’s a secure bridge between the back of the open trailer and the dock. That same leveler can also be raised if the trailer floor happens to rest a little higher than the dock. In both instances, whoever is operating the lift truck removing or loading goods can do so with a greater measure of safety.

Don’t overlook portable levelers that can be used on the dock or even on pavement if necessary. They also make loading and unloading a little easier when it’s not practical to have a smaller vehicle back up to the loading dock.

Redesigning the Manufacturing Layout

it may be time to think about the way the manufacturing floor is laid out. If so, you may find it helpful to add interior overhead doors in Toronto that cordon off certain aspects of the production process. While still accessible, the use of the overhead doors could help contain noise that would otherwise distract those working in nearby departments. See this as one more way to ensure employees can concentrate on tasks and complete them in less time.

Increasing Security in Key Areas

Decreasing distraction is not the only reason to consider adding overhead doors. In some cases, you need to limit who can enter certain areas of the facility. Automated overhead doors that come with security features will help. Unless someone has a code key to enter, the door won’t open. That can certainly make a difference in terms of ensuring no one can get into areas where everything must remain arranged in order to speed up the process.

And Adding Security to the Grounds

Do consider what adding security to the grounds will do for morale and indirectly influence the productivity level. Security gates that make it easy for employees to get in but more difficult for those who have no real reason to enter increases the sense of being safe at work. The result is that employees can concentrate on doing their assigned tasks without any concerns about who may walk through the door at any time.

Take a look around and consider what would help make the space more secure and more efficient. Call the team at Universal Overhead Door & Equipment and find out how they can help you make those changes. Once everything is in place and you see the effect that’s produced, you’ll know it was money well spent.