4 Ways You Can Make A Difference In The Life Of A Homeless Person

1. Be Kind And Show Acknowledgement

We must understand that no one chooses to become homeless, even more so, a kind word or a helpful gesture can make their day. A person’s self-esteem is shredded when they have to survive on the streets. By smiling or just saying hello can make a homeless person feel valued or considered. Stereotyping is a mistake easily made, but avoiding it can make you a respectful person.

2. Help Someone Today!

Homeless people survive day to day, and while it is commonplace to give them cash, here are some better alternatives:

  • Keep some fast food gift cards with you at all times. If you see a person in need, give them the gift of food and rest for the day.
  • Granola bars are also a great alternative to cash. They are very nutritious and help a homeless person survive for a day.
  • Did you know dehydration is also a serious problem? A gifted bottle of water can save a life.
  • Outgrown clothes also provide a great way to help the homeless community. During cold weather, an old pair of gloves or a scarf you don’t like anymore can keep someone warm. Likewise, freshly laundered shirts or loose-fitting clothes can provide great relief during a hot summer day. These can be long forgotten wardrobe staples you no longer need.
  • Do you stay in hotels a lot? Complimentary toiletries such as shampoo and soap bars are perfect for helping the homeless.

Read more in this blog from Service Care Solutions on how you can help homeless people.

A Quick Note

Stay mindful and always ask if a homeless person would like your help. Don’t just assume that they would want a gift card or your old clothes. More often than not, they are thankful to receive any kind of help from the public. However, there are rare instances where your help may get declined. If this is the case, don’t lose hope and try helping someone else!

3. Get Educated

Take a moment to really understand how people become homeless. Knowing about the different ways that someone can end up like this will make you a more understanding and kind person.

Every homeless person has value, regardless of what their story is. Some are educated others were victims of medical bills. Still more struggle with serious addiction they could never leave behind.

Help shed the negative stereotypes that surround homeless people. The things you learn today should get shared with people you know. Help spread the word through blogs or online avenues to help your community broaden their minds. In fact, your friends and family may wish to join you in volunteering at a soup kitchen or donate clothes.

4. Show Them A New Way

If you’re serious about helping someone with addiction to get off the streets, New Beginnings can help. We have been helping the community since 2008 and by inviting them, you can give them a fresh lease on life.

Why not bring one of our newsletters to a homeless person? Every Saturday, in select counties, our Helping Hands Outreach offers the help a homeless person needs to start anew. The newsletter is filled with information that a person in need will be happy to have. The mission statement of our organization as well as how we can help are all outlined within the text.

Our organization also has what we refer to as social services offices. These offices are located in Orange County, Lake County and Four Corners. Someone is always available to talk about our programs, and free food is given at any one of our thrift stores or offices.

Bear in mind, it is sometimes hard to admit that a person needs help. Someone may not accept your help or invitation right away, but it doesn’t mean you should give up. In fact, it shows your commitment to really helping someone in your community.