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5 Advantages of Microcement

Do you have a new project? You’ve come to the right place. Microcement is a new, innovative type of paving stone that is making waves in the construction industry. It’s a durable and sustainable alternative to natural stone, significantly cheaper than asphalt, and most importantly, it can be installed in days rather than months.

With so many benefits, there are many reasons why microcements are becoming popular throughout the world. Here are some of the advantages of microcement – a paver that’s taking the construction industry by storm. The following are 5 advantages of microcement:

Microcement Is a Sustainable Material

One of the most major reasons why microcements are becoming popular is that they are green. Microcement is made from fly ash, a byproduct of coal-burning power plants. Fly ash is composed of minerals and silica dust, which are combined with Portland cement to create microcement.

Microcements are sustainable because they use recycled material, fly ash, as their base ingredient. They also have low life-cycle carbon emissions when compared to other paving materials.

This green material can be used in any area where there would traditionally be concrete, asphalt or stone paving – without the worries about runoff into the environment or ground subsidence that comes with it.

Microcement is Durable

Natural stones are durable, but they require a lot of care and maintenance. Paving stones made from natural stone can crack or chip if they hit debris or get hit by a car, and the surface is sensitive to water, so spills need to be cleaned up immediately. On the other hand, microcements are not as sensitive to water spills and don’t require much care.

The best part is that microcements can withstand very high temperatures and won’t react with acid rain or other environmental pollutants. This makes it a more durable paver than natural stone paving pavers and asphalt pavers.

Different Shapes and Sizes Available

Microcement is not limited to one shape – it comes in many different shapes and sizes for any project. From 3-inch x 3 inches, rectangular pieces to 8-inch round pavers, microcements offer the perfect size for any job. Some of these varieties include:

  1. Traditional Rectangular-shaped pieces;
  2. Squares;
  3. Rounded Squares;
  4. Hexagonal Pieces
  5. Curved Pavers;
  6. Square-Shaped Pavers;
  7. Diamond-Shaped Pavers.

It Can Be Customized to Fit Your Needs

Microcement is a new paving material that can be installed in days rather than months. It’s versatile, so you can customize it to fit your needs. For example, suppose you have an irregular-shaped area of land. In that case, microcement will allow you to have a perfectly smooth surface without having to do any heavy lifting or heavy grading.

If you want to install more than just one type of color on the surface, microcement is also extremely easy to customize. You can mix and match specific colors for whatever your taste may be, which again makes installation quick and easy.

Provides a uniform surface

One of the best advantages of microcement is that it provides a uniform surface. The stones are all the same size and shape, which means that if a paver does get damaged or cracked, it’s easy to fix without disrupting the aesthetics of your project.

This is especially helpful in places like airports, where passengers need a reliable surface for getting around. With microcements, you don’t have to worry about repairing paver surfaces because they’re all the same size and shape.

Microcement is paving the way for future developments in construction as a sustainable, durable, and cost-effective material with an aesthetic appeal that can be customized to any size or shape. It’s a product that shouldn’t be overlooked!