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5 Benefits of Investing Through Real Estate Crowdfunding

Where to invest my money is a question that any individual or company asks when they has capacity to save and asks what to do with that surplus money. Traditionally, investment and savings formulas have been developed in financial markets through banks and their instalment savings systems. There are many other ways of saving like through investment funds, stock exchanges or the real estate market, if a large capital for investment was available.

In this context and with traditional savings and investment systems, the performance of the small saver has been very low. If we add to this factor the rise of technology with the emergence of collaborative platforms, we are facing the perfect scenario for the birth and explosion of profitable investments such as real estate crowd funding. That is, a collective investment in the acquisition of real estate.

Crowdfunding means the democratization of investment, that is, any individual can invest in any business initiative for little or a lot of money that he has or wants to use for this purpose.

Advantages of investing money in real estate crowdfunding

Let us explain the advantages of investment crowdfunding in real estate with help of Crowdestor:

  1. Diversification in different currencies

Real estate crowdfunding platforms, allow you to invest in different properties almost anywhere on the planet. This gives investors a lot of interesting options and new opportunities to earn capital gains.

Thanks to this, it is possible to diversify your portfolio in the main currencies of the world. Thereby mitigating the foreign exchange risks that, added to the fact that the initial costs are now much lower, gives investors more room to distribute their money and achieve more stable long-term returns.

  1. Zero concerns with Bricks & People.

You just have to register and select the project or projects with which you feel more feeling. Of the rest, that is to say, of the selection of the projects, the realization of the reform, the search of the tenants, the sale of the property, etc., we take care of ourselves. In addition, you can rest assured that all our projects are valued by a multidisciplinary team trained in real estate management, from real estate agents to lawyers and engineers.

  1. You will get short term results.

In the case of projects whose modality is purchase, reform, rental and sale, the remuneration begins to arrive after the completion of the project, with the first month of rental. So crowdfunding platforms are great way to earn money in small interval of time.

  1. Low Risk Investments in the World’s Strongest Currencies

Investing through these platforms, not only allows you to make quality and low risk investments, but also position yourself in other currencies, such as US Dollars or Euros. This means that not only will you be saving your money in a safe place, but you will also receive returns in hard currencies, which will mitigate local currency risk.

  1. Anyone can invest in crowdfunding:

No specific knowledge or specific dedication is required to invest in a crowdfunding project.  Therefore, it will be the investor’s own motivation that will make him invest in that project he likes, in which he knows the sector where he operates, in which be an expert in the field or even in that which can contribute proactively or reactively.

The geographical aspect must also be considered: until now the investor was used to investing in local projects or that he knew closely or by his brand. Today, through crowdfunding, you can invest wherever, whenever and whenever you want.