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5 Best Eco Friendly Habits Revealed

Being eco-friendly means focusing on celebrating the natural resources that we have been given and being good samaritans by passing on those values and remaining resources to the next generation. With a whooping 91% plastic waste never being recycled, we have already harmed our environment enough and already utilised all god’s gifts to the point of exploitation. A million seabirds and 100,000 marine life die each year from plastic pollution of our oceans. Think about the fact that your kids may never even get to see these species.

If you still believe this problem isn’t big enough, think again. Being eco-friendly is not only sustainable but most of the time is the most budget friendly option. So you are practicing good economics by preserving the natural landscape.

Here are the best 5 eco-friendly habits that you can inculcate

Switching to Metal or Bamboo straws

While you may think about naturally reaching for a plastic straw every time you buy a drink, keep in mind the 8.3 Billion straws that pollute the world’s beaches. With growing concerns about the state of the environment, switching to Metal or Bamboo straws can be a huge improvement as an alternative.

With no issues like bending or breaking so your favourite desserts and drinks can be enjoyed with an improvement in taste sometimes due to consumption with these resources.

Using compostable utensils when dining out

Did you know that plastic cutlery is made with BPA – a chemical with severe links to cancer? Switching to compostable utensils made out of bamboo or corn is a great step towards a sustainable lifestyle and striving to be more eco-friendly. Travelling with these small, lightweight and generally heat resistant utensils is super convenient and is one habit that can be inculcated very easily.

Ordering biodegradable coffee pods

Who doesn’t love coffee? When you are used to gulping coffee by the gallon everyday, switching to biodegradable coffee pods is a great idea. Adopting this eco-friendly option is not only a saviour for the environment, but also a great practice for your pocket. Making coffee at home and carrying it around in a flask helps you save big bucks spent in the likes of Starbucks. With a common man requiring at least 2 cups of coffee a day, think about how much could save in just a month! And not to mention the frugality of choosing an eco-friendly option – cheaper than your regular coffee pots. Yayy!

Using reusable makeup remover pads

If you love to get dolled up on a regular basis, makeup remover pads must be an essential in your kitty. But let’s be realistic. Single use wipes or pads are pretty crappy for the environment as they are made from a combination of things such as polyester, polypropylene, cotton, wood pulp, and rayon fibers, many of which are not biodegradable. These take years to break down in landfills, which is more often than not where they end up.

Switching to the eco-friendly habit of using reusable makeup remover pads is so much simpler and economical rather than buying wipes each time you run out. You just have to wash there reusable pads and voila – you are all set to use them again.

Buying biodegradable dental floss

The basic steps or oral hygiene directs everyone to use dental floss to get the little bits of food stuck deep inside the crevices of our teeth. Many manufacturers coat dental floss in a Teflon-like substance that contains PFCs – perfluorinated polymers. The PFCs in dental floss help it to glide easily between teeth and reduce bleeding between gums which makes the flossing experience much more pleasant. But this is extremely detrimental for our environment and has been linked to dementia, cancer, and thyroid disease.

It is better to switch to biodegradable dental floss which is stored in a glass case instead of a plastic one. This eco-friendly habit can reduce plastic wastage to some extent.

Inculcating the above mentioned 5 eco-friendly habits can help the planet in the long run from an individual’s stand point. Not to mention the benefits it has on your savings. Remember you are not just doing this for yourself but for a bigger cause – to leave the world a better place for the coming generations.

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