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5 Best Stage Lighting Suppliers For Your Reference In 2021

Indoor and outdoor stage lighting is extremely popular nowadays. No matter what kind of recreational event you attend, there’s at least some kind of stage lighting involved. However, every piece of stage lighting equipment is not made equal. Some stage lighting suppliers do a better job than others.

In this article, we explore some of the top stage lighting suppliers in 2021. Getting your stage lights from any of these won’t be a bad decision for you. However, going with Light Sky will have some extra perks and benefits — more on that later.

Without any further ado, let’s dive into the first one.

Guangzhou PR Light Ltd

The industry experience of stage lighting suppliers matters a lot. Manufacturers and suppliers with extensive experience will produce and sell better products than new, novice suppliers.

Living up to its reputation as an age-old stage lighting supplier, Guangzhou PR Light Ltd produces high-quality products you can’t go wrong with. For example, Guangzhou PR has more than 37 years of high-level experience manufacturing and supplying high-quality products.

Fly Dragon Lighting Equipment Co., Ltd (Light Sky)

Fly Dragon Lighting Equipment, known as Light Sky, is one of the certified stage lighting suppliers. Light Sky has more than 30 years of experience in creating bespoke lighting solutions for its clients. It is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to choosing stage lighting. Different scenarios require different setups to produce the best results — and Light Sky knows exactly how to deal with such versatility.

Over the years, Light Sky has provided its customers with customized stage lighting solutions that work perfectly for them. Furthermore, Light Sky holds more than 130 patents that further depict its legitimacy in this industry.

Light Sky also has a specialized R&D center where the team constantly works to improve their products and provide better services to the customers. Needless to say, Light Sky is one of the best stage lighting suppliers you can find in 2021.

Guangzhou Haoyang Electronic Co., Ltd

Another reputed name in the industry is Guangzhou Haoyang Electronics. It’s been in the industry for several years, acquiring valuable experience in manufacturing and supplying high-quality lighting products.

However, Guangzhou Haoyang Electronics specializes in a few areas. First, the LED moving head lighting series. Second, the HID platinum series. Suppose you’re sure that you’re looking for products from these two categories and don’t need any professional assistance in selecting suitable products for your requirements. In that case, you probably should go with Guangzhou Haoyang.

Guangzhou Yajiang Photoelectric Equipment Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Yajiang Photoelectric is a reputed firm known for its splendid quality products in entertainment and architecture niches. Even though it sells different lighting products for various industries, its products are mainly used in the two niches mentioned before, i.e., entertainment and architecture.

If your needs are aligned with those two niches, going with this stage lighting supplier might be the best bet for you. However, the company must be doing something right to build such a reputation in these areas, right?

Guangzhou Fine Art Co., Ltd

Fine Art’s business model heavily revolves around doing extensive researches in the stage lighting niche. Since its inception in 2002, Guangzhou Fine Art has researched, manufactured, and supplied high-quality stage lighting goods. Although the company is comparatively newer and less experienced when compared to other names on this list, especially Light Sky, it is no slouch for sure.

Final Words

Stage lighting could potentially end up being a heavy investment, and you must make sure you’re going with the right stage lighting supplier to make the most out of your money.

Light Sky checks all the right boxes to be your ideal stage lighting supplier. With more than 30 years of industry experience, Light Sky can hook you up with products that speak quality and longevity.

Furthermore, the company is actively working on new products and improving the existing ones, ensuring you always get the best of what the industry offers.