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5 Cleaning Tips To Make Your Property Rent-Ready Between Tenants

If you’re a property owner and wish to rent it out to tenants, now is a great time.

In fact, 45% of property managers have noticed an increase in the number of millennial tenants. But if you wish to attract more potential tenants, you’ll need to keep your house spotlessly clean. Especially if your last tenants left some mess, cleaning is an important step.

This might sound like a tough job, but it’s really easy. So, if you’re looking for some cleaning tips, then you’ve come to the right place!

Inspect the move-out yourself

Most property owners make the mistake of asking someone else to look after the moving-out home inspection once a tenant is ready to leave. If you do the same, it’s time for a change.

Don’t oversee the process through a phone or video call, be physically present to make sure the tenant hasn’t damaged anything.

If you’re not present to take care of the moving-out process, the tenant will later deny any damage, which was obviously their fault. If you see they’ve messed up the room or spilled something on the floor, ask them to take care of the mess or pay for it.

Of course, the cost, time, and effort for cleaning will depend on the condition in which the tenant leaves your property compared to how it originally looked.

Maintain evidence

While this might sound a little controversial, it can save you from a lot of disputes later. Even though photographs don’t serve as absolute proof, it does help to know whether your property was at fault from the beginning or if the tenants have done it themselves.

Moreover, you can also use these pictures for advertising your property to other potential customers. For all your rental properties, take out some time and click clear pictures of every room.

You don’t need to click them using a professional photographer, but a good-enough camera will do the trick. But remember, anything can be photoshopped nowadays, so don’t present photos as your only evidence.

Perform any repairs if needed

With time, your property will start to look shabby for no fault of your tenants. For instance, your tiles may wear and tear.

Other times, your tenant might have made some adjustments with your permission. For instance, if the last tenant had a handicapped family member, they might have requested to build slopes to make the place wheelchair accessible.

If you want to make your house seem rent-ready, you must perform some basic renovation, strip out the added portions, and make the place brand new. Otherwise, your tenants won’t be too impressed by your property.

They’ll either refuse to take it or won’t be willing to pay a good amount. Often, these repairs can be a little expensive, so make sure you only sign up with the most trusted renovation services with professionals who can repair all kinds of commercial or personal property.

If you’re based in Australia and want to contact a single company for all your property strip-outs, removal, and renovation, Metro Defits is one great option for your need.

Check the utility accounts

Another major tip is not to assume that every tenant of yours will switch off their utility accounts as soon as their rent period is up.

Many responsible tenants care about it, but most others either forget or don’t bother. So you can add an extra step in the moving-out process where the tenant has to turn off all relevant utility accounts.

If this isn’t done properly, you might have to pay for unnecessary water bills and electricity dues. Consider adding clauses in your lease to charge your tenants for the monthly rents of all these utility services.

Take notice of the property

Other than repairing plumbing lines or repainting your walls, it’s also important to actually clean the house thoroughly.

This will not only save you a lot of money but will also make your work easier. For example, if the carpet is dirty, don’t buy a new one; instead, get it deep cleaned. Or if the bed sheets are dirty, wash them with detergent and water.

With a simple cleaning, you’ll be surprised to see how beautiful your property looks. In addition, a clean property will leave a good impression on your potential tenant and give them a homely feeling, making them choose it instantly!

Over to you…

Getting tenants is difficult because they want the best value for their money. So, make your property look worth its value with these simple steps and ensure you get the right tenant every single time!