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5 Cool Gift Wrapping Ideas To Wow The Receiver

One of the most pleasurable events for anyone is to receive random gifts. But if you really wish to make them feel special, add a personal touch by wrapping them yourself. To help you, here are some beautiful ways to wrap gifts that will leave your giftee surprised by your creativity. These ideas are for all tastes and skill levels!

Use Colorful Paper and Apparel Boxes

It is a perfect and simple idea to decorate your gifts. Use color paper to decorate your gift, and a matching gift card packaging for the card. It will stand out from the crowd with full of colors.

Use cut pieces of paper that are leftover to create a collage effect and put a star on the top and voilà! You will end up with a simple but effective decoration in which you do not need any instruction manual. If you are one of those who do not like to complicate life, this DIY is yours.

Delicate Birthday Gift Cards And Pomp Pomp

In addition to paying attention to the wrapping paper, you can also get a beautiful wrap using delicate gift cards. They are very simple to make, and you can use the color combination as you like to customize. When you have finished wrapping the gift, you can include a cute pompom to decorate and give it more color. It is an excellent craft to use with gifts for young children or children’s parties.

Reuse Old Buttons As Labels

What do you have a lot of old buttons and you don’t know what to do with them? Well, now you’re going to give them a lot of use. The idea is to use the buttons to decorate original and gift labels. Make your unique designs and wrap your gifts. You can also use it to make the bow and give it an exceptional finish. Bows are the best-known way to decorate a gift. Learn how to make bows in a simple way, and you can decorate with them all your presents. You can also combine more colored buttons to decorate the gift or in a single color for a more elegant finish. It all depends upon your imagination.

Use Handmade Gift Tags And Stars

For special occasions, try decorating your gifts with decorative stars. An effortless technique to ensure that your gifts have an elegant presentation. To make it clear to who your gift is addressed, use handmade labels. They have a lot of styles and are very useful to identify those present at Christmas parties, or children’s birthdays. Simply make each label with a different color or drawings, and you will have no difficulty knowing which gift is addressed for which occasion and to whom. They offer such beautiful packages that they won’t want to open.

Create Animal Figures

You can play with the profile of the package and wrap the gift in a fun way. The idea is to use clear paper and create animal figures coloring essential parts. Using this style, you can create a very funny raccoon or an adorable panda.

So, what are you waiting for? This year use these tips to give a DIY touch to your gifts to surprise and delight everyone.