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5 Crucial Issues you Can Solve with Teramid Alternatives

According to an American Management Association research, more than 80% of successful companies use employee monitoring software. Working in a more informed way has many benefits. With a wide array of tools, you may find it difficult to choose the right one.

A Good Reason for Monitoring the Workplace

Finding a reliable employee monitoring software is a good decision. It can help to have control over your employee’s performance, stay on top of security threats, address inappropriate technology usage, and get more benefits. The software helps in a lot of crucial areas.

To do all properly it is important to find the best Teramind alternatives that will promise reliability, innovation, and result. If you need a great tool, check out Workpuls. The company offers the best solution with many key advantages.

The digital workplace faces a lot of issues that harm business performance. For instance, 85% of employees worldwide do not feel fully engaged. The monitoring tools have the power to increase productivity and solve a lot of workplace issues. Let’s look at some of the crucial issues you can either avoid or reduce the risks.

Poor Time Management

Time is money – that is the moment to remember it. Statistics show that 82% of people do not have a time management system. Look at the consequences that poor time management can bring: from missing deadlines to project delays, failures, bad-quality work, poor working relationships, and more.

The latest monitoring software solutions help to have control over the project deadlines, follow the processes, and make improvements. If not, it can cause unclear targets, limited productivity, and a lot of obstacles. Poor time management can make your business suffer.

Security Threads

To protect your company against cyber security threats is crucial. The safe performance of your software systems promises better flexibility and agility. Properly chosen tools can help to build reliable, fast communications and help to experience a hassle-free performance.

With a lot of advanced features, reliable employee monitoring software can solve the issues related to the network and data, as well as provide security threat protection.

Understand Employees Strengths, Progress, and Care

Your employees come with different abilities and skillsets. Understanding their strengths and weaknesses is a key way to unlock their potential. The best monitoring tools help to engage employees, which is a great means to increase productivity.

To see their results and progress in setting and achieving the goals of a project will help to make more informed decisions for future activities.

Automated Time Tracking

Manual time tracking is extremely difficult and takes a lot of effort. Save your time for other business activities: an automatic time tracking solution will save time and help to make improvements in all business aspects.

It is a great way to optimize the workforce and solve a lot of challenges. Getting a better understanding of hours worked, scheduled issues, and wasted time will help for a smarter project organization and budgeting.

Low Employee Productivity

Modern-day businesses implement different strategies to keep employees productive. The monitoring tools help to solve a crucial issue: keeping the companies engaged and increasing productivity.

The average employee productivity level may vary from 3-4 hours a day. Having control over your employee’s performance on working hours promises great profits, which is crucial for business growth and sustainability.  Besides, productivity impacts work quality.


Choosing the right tool can solve a crucial issue to monitor your employees ethically and respectfully. Promoting workplace ethics is a key action for good workplace culture. If done correctly, the tools can bring a lot of key benefits.