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5 Crucial Things to do Before Moving into a New Office

When you’re moving offices, it is nothing but an exciting experience. You get a new start with your business. At the same time, this is a rocky and stressful task because you want to do as better work as possible and turn the place into something truly made by your taste.

Some things are standard, like finding a new office and arranging the deal, whether you’re buying or renting the place. Everything else might be forgotten until it’s too late, which is why we’re here to remind you and help you make the best of the situation. Keep up if you want to know what the crucial things to do are before moving into a new office.

1. Repaint and get the style you want

In most cases, the old offices will come with that boring white paint on the walls. Some parts might not even be looking fresh, and you’ll need to put on another layer if you want to feel comfortable while working inside.

Get an interior designer and ask them to share some of their ideas with you. They are skilled and experienced in redecorating offices, so they’ll surely do a great job, or at least a much better one than you will.

The new walls should be inspiring, motivating, and helping you achieve your goals. You might include some decorations too, then involve some art paintings, graffiti, and whatever you feel is appropriate. Everyone has their style, and walls are excellent to show it.

2. Hire an IT company to connect everything

Hiring an IT company is a must as any office requires dozens of phones, internet connections, cables, cords, routers, and God knows what else. Only IT professionals know what is needed exactly, which is why you need to hire a company that will handle these things.

When you’re searching for a great company, look for professional project services that will fit your needs. Not every IT company is the same, but you’ll want to hire those who will do an amazing job. Go through the options and find which IT company will do it properly.

Call a few of them in the area and explain what you’re looking for. Tell them what you need exactly, and see if they’ll offer a fair price for the job. Choose those that are the most experienced, ask for a fair price, and will come promptly.

3. Get new furniture

What’s an office without office furniture? You need to buy new stuff and arrange it as it should be done for the clients to feel comfortable, and for you and your employees can do the job during the working day.

It’s best to go to a furniture salon that sells this type of stuff, choose the items you want and ask them to deliver them to the new place. It’s best to set up the furniture after painting the walls and the installation process from the IT crew.

Once the furniture is there, it may be too hard for other people to work around the place. Additionally, the new chairs, tables, and sofas may be damaged because of the other workers trying to do their job. You don’t want this to happen, so pick and install furniture last.

4. Insure the new place

Insurance is crucial, and you mustn’t start your business without one. Go to the insurance company you’ve been working with so far, or pick a new one to make a deal for the new offices. The insurance company should protect you from expenses made by damaging the materials inside and provide business liability to protect your employees and yourself.

An injury in the workplace on some of your employees may cost you a fortune, which is you must get things done properly. Look for the best options and make sure you have everything covered. Don’t start working until you get the insurance activated and you’re sure that whatever happens will be covered by the insurer.

5. Hire a team of people to regularly maintain it

Finally, you need to find a company to regularly maintain the place. It’s best to find one that will provide people coming over after you’re done working or before you get to your job. This is negotiable, and you should arrange it with the company’s manager.

You can’t leave the place as it is. Only one day of work will make a mess inside. Documents all around the place, the kitchen is filled with glasses and plates, someone spilled juice on the floor, and the toilets are ruined.

This is a normal day in the office. You need at least one person or more depending on the size of the office, to clean up everything after you’re gone and make the place ready for the next day.