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5 DIY Drain Cleaning Tips and Tricks

The task of cleaning drains at own place seems basic to everyone till the point they start to do it. Once people start to clean their drains, they then realize that they are not expert at it after all. Diving head-on to clean sinks and drainage points is not a good idea when you are unprepared for it. So, below are some of the easiest DIY drain cleaning tips and tricks which you can use to make your drains unclogged, cleaner, and free of insects.

1. Using Plungers Effectively

Plungers can help you immensely in cleaning your sinks. There are no extra equipment or chemicals which you will need alongside the plunger but water. So, cover the drainage point that is filled with water using your plunger. Press it hard enough throughout its circumference and give it some good pumps and you are all set with your unclogged drains. Sure, it takes some effort to use them, but plungers can be extremely helpful when used rightly.

2. Heat Pads for the Win

One unconventional way to clean clogged pipes is by using heat to its right effect. Heat can get the grease in the drainage pipes become runny and let the water flow through it. If you happen to have them at home, get your hands on some heating pads and cover the pipe below your clogged sink with it. Heat the pipe with the pad as much as you can and when you are done, pour a mix of detergent and hot water on the draining point. You will see how it works like a charm.

3. Get Ready with Vinegar and Baking Soda

If using powders and liquid products to clean the drains in your home isn’t helpful, then you can try the combination of vinegar and baking soda for it. People have been using this unbeatable method of unclogging their sinks for years. Vinegar is known for its cleaning action due to the acidity it holds and makes a deadly combination with baking soda to clean drains in your home.

4. Time to Get Your Hands Dirty

Be prepared to get your hands dirty when on the journey to clean your sinks and drains. Sometimes, there are no options left but to open the drain cover by yourself and clean it with your hands. It becomes necessary for showers on some days as hair collected below the cover can be very persistent at times.

So, get your gloves on, open the drain cover and manually clean everything. You can use the plunger in open cover too after the cleaning part. Make sure to have a well-lit bathroom or use a torch if required to find the underlying problem of your blocked drain.

5. Insect Repellents

While you are at cleaning your drains, it will not be a bad idea to sprinkle some insect repellents in there. In fact, spraying such chemicals at draining points is something you should do every two to three days if not daily. It is crucial because many households fail to realize that their drains are becoming breeding place for centipedes, mosquitoes, and other insects.

Existence of insects in your kitchen and bathroom sinks is nothing but an invitation to diseases. If you are worried about the dangers that chemical repellents from markets come with, then check for friendly options like Neem leaves solution, or just by regularly cleaning your drain.

When All Else Fails…

When all else fails, it is time to get the help of someone experienced. If you are someone who has just started to clean up the drains at home then maybe it is time you asked a friend or family to help you out with the persisting problem of blocked drain. You can also check trusted plumbers like Multicore National to help you out with all round plumbing solutions.

Whatever option you may go for, ensure the tidiness of the drains which are often ignored till the point they get clogged and keep collecting water. Prevention from clogging is the best thing you can do for your home, so clean up often, and you would never need to take harsh measures like using strong acids for your drain.

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