5 Easy Tips to Play Beginners Bowling in a Penrith Arcade

By Sarah Williams

Penrith is home to some serious history. It has a lot of heritage listings to its name. The Nepean Park on Castlereagh Road is one of the significant landmarks of the place. The Penrith Railway Station has been around since 1863. The Joan – named after Joan Sutherland, the famous Aussie opera singer – is a performing arts complex that contains the Q Theatre and the Penrith Conservatory of Music. But with all these, the citizens still have fun via sports and recreational activities such as soccer, martial arts, and bowling at the Penrith arcade.

Bowling seems easy when you watch someone throw that ball with grace and confidence. So if it is your first time to play, you are probably lucky to survive one round with a pin or two down the lane. Do you hear laughter from your peers when your ball disappointingly heads for the gutter? With a little practice and arm swings, you will not be the laughing stock of your group.  A Penrith arcade is an excellent place to perfect and master your winning bowling form. If you are a beginner, follow these steps for your future victory.

The perfect ball

The first step to any successful bowling session is by finding your ball. Check the holes to ensure a snug fit to your fingers. The holes should be a little bit bigger than the size of your ring, but not too tight. You should be able to release it when you need to. It should not get stuck to your fingers. The weight of a ball also matters. Women should sport a ball that is around 5.5 kilos. The men should at least use an estimated 7 kilos ball. If you want to purchase your ball, most alleys such as Zone Bowling sell them.

Areas to look at when you bowl

Most bowlers make the mistake of looking at the pins before they roll. Unfortunately, experts say that you should not look at it. There are three recommended areas that you should look at before releasing the ball. Look for the arrows, the dots, and the foul line. Arrows and dots will help you line up your shot. The ball should be released about three to ten inches above the lane, just before the foul line.

Releasing the ball

Your bowling hand is the one that holds the ball. Do not bend that wrist. Keep it steady. Your hand should be straight when you swing the ball back, centre, and front. There is no need to put too much strength in your throw. Try to let go of the ball near your ankle. A handshake position – imagine James Te-Huna in front of you about to shake your hand – should be what your hand looks like after releasing the ball.

Have fun

Bowling is an enjoyable activity for you and your companions. Whether you win or lose, a game will usually not be enough. You can grab a bunch of burgers or hero dogs while you are playing. You do not have to go to the Western Penrith Shopping Centre to calm a hungry tummy. Just play, eat, and have fun, all in the comforts of a bowling arcade.

Bowling is excellent for recreation with friends and family. But is it your dream to be featured in The Western Weekender for your ball-throwing skills? Then pick an arcade, practice your craft, and roll that ball.