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5 Easy Tips You Can Try to Make Your Aircon Work Efficiently

There are a lot of ways to get the most out of your aircon unit. From doing regular maintenance and check-ups to choosing the right settings, knowing how to properly use and care for your aircon can go a long way. With a well-maintained aircon, you can also get maximum cooling and ventilation, increasing your overall comfort and productivity at home or the office. Here are 5 easy tips that you can try to make sure your aircon continues working smoothly.

Pick the right place for your aircon

  • Placing your aircon unit in the right place can do wonders for its overall performance and cooling capacity. Think about it this way: if your aircon is located in an extremely hot spot, then it will have a hard time cooling your room. To avoid this, it’s best to place it in an area that doesn’t get directly hit by sunlight.

Clean and change the aircon’s filters regularly

  • Everyone wants to breathe cool and clean air at home. If you’re the type who easily develops allergies or health complications because of air impurities, then you might want to prioritize this tip. An aircon filter is responsible for blocking out any dust or dirt that can make its way to you — it does this by trapping these particles inside the filter before letting cool air come out of the unit. If you use your aircon daily, you can expect the filter to accumulate large amounts of particles over time. That’s why it’s important to clean and change them regularly to help your aircon produce cool and extra clean air every time. If you don’t have the time to clean and change them, you can always call a professional aircon servicing company to do the trick.

Keep your house clean at all times

  • Keeping your aircon clean and well-maintained sometimes has to do more with your house than the actual unit itself. Your aircon is built to catch dust and dirt from your indoor air quality, which it filters to produce cool and clean air. If your house is always dirty, chances are there are a lot of impurities floating around that the aircon can collect. This puts additional pressure on the unit and causes it to work double time just to give you the air quality you expect and deserve. If you clean your home regularly, then your aircon can also benefit by performing efficiently to provide you with cool and clean quality air all the time.

Reduce the excess heat in your room or home

  • Prevent heat and sunlight from entering the room by drawing in the curtains and blinds every time you use the aircon. You need to make sure that any unnecessary excess heat is eliminated so your aircon can perform smoothly and efficiently.

Close the windows and doors when you use the aircon

  • Make a mental note to close the windows in a room before you turn the aircon. As much as this sounds pretty obvious, a lot of aircon owners still commit this simple mistake that can lead to an overworked aircon. Additionally, try to refrain from opening the door when you’re using the aircon as air can escape easily from the room.

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