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5 emergency options when you need money now

Sometimes it seems that you have finally found yourself in a situation with no way out, and you start seriously considering escaping to the Canadian wilderness. You’re not alone. 80% of Americans are in debt. 69% of Americans have less than $1000 saved up. Most people aren’t prepared to deal with any unforeseen financial troubles they may encounter. Some may say its a lack of responsibility, while others will protest – they have barely enough to get by.

Still, there are chances that at some point you’ll have to find some money fast. It might be due to a car accident, illness, or some nasty accident. Although initially, you may question the nature of existence itself, after a brief pause, you’ll have to react appropriately. This article will show you 5 emergency options when you are in need of quick money.

Odd jobs

Taking on odd jobs might be an option if you have at least several days before the day of the reckoning comes. There are different websites and apps, like TaskRabbit or Gigwalk that allow you to find tasks that your neighbors need help with. Apart from helping you earn money fast, you’ll find yourself doing things which are most likely different than your job. Working as a dog walker could help you reconnect with nature or discover fascinating places in your city while becoming a Lyft driver can lead to new friendships!

Quick loans online

Sometimes taking out a loan in a bank just takes too much time. It might not be the course of action that is taken light-heartedly, but online loans are an option if you are in need of instant cash. Some of the private loan providers won’t make problems even if you have a poor credit score, but remember about high-interest rates and potential fees if you are unable to pay money that you borrowed back in time. It’s best to choose this option only if you are sure about your ability to pay back the full sum later.

Sell your possessions!

You don’t need to live in an unbelievable clutter to find a few things that you might be okay with selling. Check your basement or space under your bed, and you may find some devices that you no longer use or clothes that are too small for you. Or too big. Some may bring your warm memories, and it may be difficult to get rid of them, but remember that you are faced with dire circumstances. Sometimes we have to make tough choices to endure the hardships that we encounter along the way.

Ask for help

You might feel reluctant to ask your friends or relatives to loan you some money, but worst-case scenario, they’ll say they can’t do that. It’s better not to ask complete strangers, but people who know you more deeply. They’ll understand that your request is to be taken seriously and that it wasn’t easy for you to ask. Raw numbers cannot explain everything. If they know that you’re a hardworking person that’s just down on luck, and they can help you, they won’t abandon you in your time of need. If they do, you’ll have the opportunity to reassess your friendships.

Pawn shops

If the vision of selling your most prized possessions is something that you won’t accept easily, then your best bet might be to compromise and use the services of pawn shops. If you have jewelry or any electronic devices, you’ll be able to temporarily part ways with them, in exchange for a sum of money. If you later manage to pay back the money you loaned, they’ll return back to you.

The reaction

Sometimes it feels like every element of your life is falling apart. We all encounter adversity in our lives – this is a universal feature of human existence. No matter your current circumstances – after you accept the undesired situation, you’ll have to start dealing with it. This article won’t solve your problems, but hopefully, it will give you some ideas about the possible ways of dealing with your situation. All of them carry certain risks, but sometimes there’s no other option to choose from.

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