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5 Essential Cloud Skills for 2021 and Beyond

Cloud computing solutions are becoming the favoured format for business everywhere, as opposed to the traditional rigidity provided by in-house servers. For anyone wishing to give their resume a spring clean for their future job searching efforts, striving to get familiar with cloud skills might be essential.

Here are some of the essentials that are worth keeping an eye out for.

Developmental Operations

Learning to master the cloud means taking a deeper look at the coding aspect of the digital world.

This could simply be monitoring automation from dedicated programs or writing code yourself on a daily basis. Once you have the know-how, it stops being difficult fairly quickly, so it is worth familiarizing yourself with computer languages and taking an AWS tutorial.

If working closely with a specialist team, yet also being able to bear the weight of individual responsibility on occasion tickles your fancy, DevOps is certainly a career worth checking out, even just for the salary alone!

Database and Storage

One of the primary reasons that many businesses turn to the cloud in the first instance is to protect their data.

Improper data storage and handling errors can lead to some seriously bad news for companies, particularly in today’s data-distracted climate where the GDPR is lurking in the foreground.

Learning how to operate various cloud databases and handle sensitive data is a great skill to have, one that is highly transferrable and can help your resume stand out.

Managing Networks

A remote workforce needs to manage in various unique ways if they are to remain effective, one of which pertains to the company network.

Managing the company network via the cloud is a must, as it not only helps to boost security, but it can make sure that everyone operating on the cloud is doing so freely and easily, and that you can secure any potential vulnerabilities.

Learning this key cloud skill can be great for your cyber hygiene in general, even if you do not aim to take a cloud management position anytime soon.

To start honing your network knowledge, it is worth getting clued up about the various terms and the jargon, as this can be a good place to start.

Analyzing Data

The concept of analyzing data might have led to a groan for those of you without an affinity for math, but there is no need to worry, it is fairly straightforward to come to terms with.

It is in many cases, an essential cloud computing skill, one that separates the pros from the amateurs and opens up a whole new world of possibility for you in terms of career options.

Data analytics drive business models and provide solutions for entire departments in some respects, so it is definitely an area worth looking into.


Cloud security skills are shaping up to be highly valuable in the modern era, particularly since many companies make the transition to escape cybercriminals in the first place.

Although it can take you down a completely different route, learning about cybersecurity and how to apply it to your everyday job can make you a very desirable candidate.