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5 Excellent Ways To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Home This Winter

Rodents are dangerous and shouldn’t be inside your home, with the exception of pets. Rats and mice carry an array of diseases, some of which will make you seriously ill and can even be fatal. Although it is rare for a rat or mouse to bite a human, they don’t need to bite you to pass on these diseases.

Rodents leave a trail of feces and urine behind them, touching these can leave you infected, it’s that easy. That’s why you should call the exterminators as soon as you realize you have a rodent issue.

Of course, a good exterminator won’t just eradicate the issue for you. They’ll also help you understand how the rodents get into your home and what steps you can take to keep them out. It’s a good idea to ask your local exterminator to share their knowledge, you can learn more here.

The following five methods will help to keep the rodents out:

Entry Points

Rodents can get through surprisingly small gaps. For example, the average mouse can squeeze itself through a gap as small as a pencil!

With that in mind, you need to walk around the outside of your home and look for any gaps that could allow a rodent in. As soon as you find any, seal them up. This will make it much harder for a rodent to get into your home.

Pay particular attention to the areas around doors and windows, these are known to develop cracks and gaps.

Food Storage

Rodents are attracted to your home by the warmth and the availability of food. An effective way of preventing this is to put all open food packets in sealed containers. This will stop the rodents from smelling them or being able to get to them.

Equally, you need to wash dishes up straight away and wipe all surfaces regularly, preferably with a disinfectant spray.

Moisture Levels

As well as food, rodents need moisture. You can use a moisture meter to check the moisture levels in your home. You’ll need to reduce them as much as possible. However, be aware that high moisture levels can indicate a leak or an issue with your damp proof layer. You may need to investigate further to resolve the issue.

Remove Clutter

Clutter inside and outside the home gives rodents and other pests the perfect place to stay. It allows them to avoid detection and be close to where they need to be; the food.

Remove the clutter inside and outside to deprive them of hiding places.

Careful Planting

Finally, you should consider planting some herbs around your home. You may be surprised to discover that some plants deter rodents from the area!

The best choices are marigolds, peppermint, rosemary, lavender, garlic, and even daffodils. Plant these near any entry or exit point to your home. The rats and mice will steer clear, other houses are easier targets.