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5 Exciting Things to do in Walla Walla

Walla Walla, named to Fodor’s list of the Top 10 best small towns in America, is a beautiful community with an extensive and thriving outdoor recreation scene. Located in the southeast portion of Washington State, the city boasts year-round shine. A short four-hour drive from Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington it’s considered a great weekend getaway. As you plan your trip to this area there are lots of great things to do besides exploring the outdoors. Check out our list of other activities to enjoy on your visit.

Enjoy wine country with a tasting (or three)

Your visit to Walla Walla is incomplete without experiencing the thriving wine industry. Home to more than 160 wineries you could spend an entire weekend doing just this. While wheat and onions are big agricultural products of the region and played a large role in the founding of the community it’s a wine that plays a large role in tourism these days. Break up your outdoor adventures by stopping into any of the tasting rooms downtown or try those that overlook acres of wine vineyards for a more picturesque experience.

Take a tour of the breweries

Over the last few decades, the breweries in Walla Walla have evolved quite significantly. It might not be as expansive as the wine industry just yet but there still plenty of adult beverages to enjoy beyond wine. From ciders to craft breweries to distilleries this community has you covered. Experience exactly what it is that has both locals and tourists alike raving.

Take a walk around Pioneer Park

Pioneer Park is the go-to picnic spot for locals and as the oldest park in Walla Walla, it also attracts a number of tourists. The park features a beautiful duck pond, an aviary with a number of exotic birds, toys for children to play on, and a great walking path for an in-town stroll. Whether you want a peaceful evening or an active morning, the park offers it all. Home to many of the communities’ big festivals it can also be a great location for small celebrations.

Indulge in Outdoor Recreation activities

Walla Walla offers plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and one of the favorites for locals and tourists is cycling. From road routes that take you through beautiful wheat fields and wine country to mountain trails that lead to beautiful vistas cyclists of all skill levels will enjoy. The experts from Outside Walla Walla provide an excellent resource for those looking to discover all the opportunities available in the Blue Mountain region.

Explore the History

Another great tourist destination in the area can be found in Fort Walla Walla. Take a break from your other adventures to get a historical look at the town and how it’s evolved over time. From artifacts to monuments, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of this beautiful area.

Walla Walla is home to several other great museums including the Whitman Mission which offers a glimpse into the earliest settlers and the role Walla Walla played in the Oregon Trail. If you’re looking for something closer to downtown then we recommend The Kirkman House.  Constructed in the year 1880.

The place was built for the wealthy Kirkman’s and later it started serving as a place for extravagant parties. The building was registered in the national historic register in 1974. Now, the museum hosts a number of annual festivities like Victorian Christmas, Independence Day, Concerts, and a holiday bazar.

Whether you are visiting Walla Walla with friends, family, or small children. There is something for everyone.