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5 Factors to Consider When Creating Custom Socks

Creating custom socks and having them delivered is pretty straightforward. You are simply expected to place your order, take time to review the design you ordered, and wait for the FurBabySocks delivery. However, there is more that comes with creating custom socks than just design. This article covers the various factors that you may have to consider.

Small Orders VS Large Orders

In some instances, small orders will cost you more compared to large ones. If you order a few pieces, you may spend more bucks on order. However, if you order more than the minimum order, you may buy them at a wholesale price. Besides, they say small orders limit the techniques that you could use.

For example, printed socks have varied durability with sublimated socks. The latter has the best quality and is durable, while the former is different. Some techniques such as embroidered are pricey, especially when you are ordering large quantities.


The design of your custom socks says a lot about you as an individual. Perhaps, many people will not even know the color of the shoe you’re putting on but can tell the type and color of your socks. Socks can have the logo of your company designed onto it, your favorite pet, or even your kid. Thus, specific designs can be utilized for a particular purpose. Thus, you should make sure you order the right design as per the purpose.


Depending on why you are ordering the socks, you may have to consider the material to use. For example, if you intend to order sports socks, you should avoid synthetic materials because they are not a breathable-a requirement for all sporting garments. Therefore, you may have to order organic cotton-made socks because they are comfy, soft, and most importantly, breathable.


You ought to consider the length of your socks, especially if you intend to order sporting socks. Different sports demand varying sock lengths. Thus, you must be keen on this before placing your order. When it comes to the length, you can order quarter socks, custom cuff socks, or even knee-length socks.

Special Features

If you would like to have any special features on your socks, let the manufacturer know.

It is possible to include some special features on the socks you order. However, it would be best to agree on pricing if you informed the supplier and still on it. Some may cost higher than the usual socks.

Besides, you can order a particular customized design with some special features because you are just like the creator of the socks. The manufacturer only supplies what you have created, designed, colored, or printed the photo of your favorite pet and ordered.


Custom socks are the new way to go. Consider the number of socks you need to order. It would be best if you went for a great design that appeals. Do not forget to mention your preferred material as per the purpose of the socks. The length is important to anyone who wants to have sports socks delivered to them. Lastly, if you want any special features, talk to your supplier, and you will have them included.

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