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5 Flops of IPL 2020 who can be hit in IPL 2021

IPL is one of the most exciting cricket events that happen every year in India. It brings us great matches, gives us thrills and entertains us for a period of two to three months. Also, it helps us to meet with some of the great younger and new players. As well as we get to see older players performing their best in the field.

However, in the last season of IPL 2020, we have seen quite a lot of flops. And in IPL 2021, we expect some of the players to be hit again. And in this article, I will be looking at the 5 flops of IPL 2020 that can be hit in IPL 2021.

So here we go:

1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni ( Chennai Super Kings)

The 2020 season of IPL cricket will be remembered for years. All thanks to CSK’s failure to reach the playoffs. The team had failed to win matches from a comfortable position. Also, the team focused more on aged players. As a result, the newer players couldn’t get a chance to showcase their skills.

Also, the absence of Suresh Raina never helped the team to go to the field confidently. Although Sam Curran and Ravindra Jadeja tried to save the team, they fell short of partners.

However, coming to Dhoni’s performance in the 2020 season, he scored 200 runs off 172 balls with a poor strike rate of 116.27. For a player who smokes every ball during the death overs, this was a sign of the sunset of his career.

2. Glenn Maxwell ( Kings XI Punjab)

Glenn Maxwell is definitely one of the most destructive players out there. However, in the last season of IPL, he was unable to clear the third-yard circle during the initial phase of IPL. Also, if you look at his overall performance, he had scored 1505 runs at a strike rate of 154.67 in 82 matches.

But during the last season, he scored 108 runs off 106 balls with no sixes. And his failure led the team to win most of the close matches.

3. Dinesh Karthik ( Kolkata Knight Riders)

After Gautam Gambhir left Kolkata Knight Riders, Dinesh Karthik became the captain of the team. However, in IPL 2020, his performance was mediocre. Also, after suggestions by the experts and analysts, Eoin Morgan was never given a chance to bat up the order. As a result, his presence meant Karthik was under pressure to win matches for Kolkata. However, in the IPL 2021, we do expect him to lead the batting lineup from the very front.

4. Rishabh Pant ( Delhi Capitals)

There is no secret that Delhi Capitals was hitting hard during the first few weeks of IPL. But Rishabh Pant was unable to make it big.

A player like him who has a strike rate of 151.9 in 68 IPL games, a strike rate of 113.95 only seems mediocre. Also, during the last IPL season, he managed to score 343 runs on 301 balls.

But during the last session, he failed to middle the balls when the top order failed. As a result, the Delhi batting collapsed.

However, his previous performances are enough to understand his capabilities. And in IPL 2021, we definitely want him to make it big.

5. Steven Smith ( Rajasthan Royals)

Lastly, there is Steven Smith, who is considered the finest batsman of this era. Talking about his IPL matches, during 95 IPL cricket games, he has made 2333 runs with a healthy strike range of 129.25.

But in the last season of IPL, he somehow didn’t play well. He failed against the fast bowlers. And RR’s batting order revolved around Smith. Hence, the batting lineup failed.

But after the IPL, Smith scored consecutive ODI centuries against India off 60 oddballs. As a result, we do see a hope that he will make a good comeback in the IPL 2021 season.

Final Words:

So those were the 5 players that we hope will make it big in IPL 2021. However, what their performance would be in the future is still unknown, and we have nothing but hope to see a great performance from them.