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5 Healthcare Procurement Solutions that Will Save Time for Healthcare Workers

What wouldn’t you do to save time? As today’s working professionals grow ever busier, their time becomes more valuable.

Healthcare workers, in particular, can be incredibly busy at work. One of the best ways to save them time is to muster up some healthcare procurement solutions. Discover five such solutions by reading on.

A Hospital Shop

Hospitals can begin to make things easier for themselves with a shop. A web-based procurement and requisitioning application can streamline the procurement process.

Such an application features stock management, requisition, case documentation, mobile apps, and product labels.


Hospitals can step up their procurement game by going mobile too. A mobile procurement platform facilitates the requisition and warehousing processes. You’ll minimize cycle times and streamline the order process.

A mobile platform can handle stock management, requisition, case documentation, consignment, and the transfer of data to external registers.

Digital Features

Hospitals benefit from other modern, digital features of procurement solutions. There’s an e-archive containing the compliant and digital storage of all business documents.

A supplier portal allows a hospital to seamlessly connect to all suppliers, no matter how digitally-capable they are. Moreover, an invoice data capture feature automates the processing and gets essential data from digital invoices.

The analytics feature allows you to harness the power of accurate and complete data. Finally, with data management capabilities, you can look for and validate vendor data.

A Single Stream of Data

In today’s data-rich environment, hospitals need to be able to efficiently and intelligently handle the boatloads of data they encounter. That starts with limiting addressable spend to a multi-seller store. Hospitals could also work with only one strategic alternate supply partner.

Hospitals can use data to quantify their response to a pandemic, for example.

Simplified Sourcing

The pandemic has shown that traditional healthcare supply chains are fast becoming outdated. They often aren’t nimble or agile enough to respond to quick shifts in demand.

Throughout the pandemic, hospitals had to resort to alternative suppliers because the main suppliers couldn’t keep up. But hospitals couldn’t even identify alternate suppliers.

With a single purchasing channel, hospitals can combine non-contract and alternate spend into one channel. That saves a lot of time when confronted with a sudden, fast-changing emergency like the pandemic.

A single channel can draw on current sellers and a worldwide supplier network to provide millions of supplies for healthcare workers. During the recent pandemic, for example, hospitals using a single channel quickly procured surgical masks and face shields.

The Finest Healthcare Procurement Solutions

Healthcare procurement isn’t what it used to be. It’s bigger, more modern, and better than ever before. This sector has leveraged innovative new technology to become more efficient and capable.

Hospitals can fully bring themselves into the 21st-century by implementing the healthcare procurement solutions above. See how else your hospital can improve the ways it does business by browsing the site’s Health section.