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5 Innovative Technologies To Improve Distribution Supply Chains

Are you looking for innovative technologies to optimize productivity? Do you want new ways to streamline your supply chain? Yes, modern supply chain technologies can boost distribution efficiency. Supply chain management plays a vital role in the success of any business.

Therefore, it is essential to adopt modern technology to improve accountability and energy in your entire management system.

With innovative technologies, you will have better control over your business. You can lead the industry with better productivity and enhanced customer satisfaction. Techniques can be useful to simplify supply chain management.

Besides, technologies can make the process transparent, fast, and cost-effective. You can address the issue immediately with accurate information. There will be no waiting time that is going to make a significant difference.

Do you want to know which supply chain innovative technologies can be useful to get more control over the entire process?

If yes, you can consider the following. These are modern and innovative technologies that can help you to get better visibility and enhanced customer satisfaction.

1. Radio Frequency Identification

Radio Frequency Identification or RFID can offer many benefits. These chips can be placed on products so that the business owners can track products in their inventory. REID will offer increased visibly and will boost supply chain efficiency.

It provides maximum control and visibility of any product. Also, it can help the management to correct any mistake fast. RFID chips offer computerized management. Therefore, they will eliminate all the human errors and simplify the supply chain.

Reduced operating cost is an added benefit. You can consider using RFID chips to make tracking easy and satisfy customers with real-time solutions.

2. Computerized Shipping

The modern transportation management system can simplify the transportation process and reduce potential shipping errors considerably. Some advanced systems like ERP, TMS, and CRM will help businesses to integrate different aspects of their supply chain.

These types of software can be beneficial to digitally organize most of your supply chain data that includes inventory, tracking information, managing shipping, and creating electronic bills. With modern supply chain technologies, you can notably minimize the time and money spent on transportation, compiling order data, tracking, and receiving.

It will help to make the entire process simple, fast, and cost-effective. The possibility of any error will be minimal to nil. You can monitor the whole process and get all the accurate information. That is going to make a difference in the management for sure.

3. Social Media Revolution

Social media is famous all over. It has a significant impact on almost all the spheres of life. Supply chain management is not an exception. Many businesses are using social media to get better visibility and exposure. More than seventy percent of companies add social media in their marketing strategy to reach a more significant level of buyers.

You can use social media to facilitate communication and boost the visibility of your company. Social media can also help to increase your product demands, boost the overall productivity, and reduce your operational cost. Social media can be the best technology to interact with your customers and report weather conditions that might impede a scheduled delivery.

4. Developed Weighing Technology

Weighing is one of the most challenging and time-taking processes in supply chain management. However, modern technologies can make it easy by using inventive onboard truck scales.

These scales will measure the truck’s gross weight and payload weight. It will help to ensure that the car carries the required pressure that will save both your time and money. Also, it will avoid any confusion where there will be a weight limit on the lifts.

5. Data Analytics

We are living in an information age where the technologies manage most of the information. You can use data analytics for your supply chain management to make the entire process easy.

All the sources of the information, such as the customer surveys, RFID chips, call center logs, and CRM transactions will be integrated for the benefit of business owners. You will have better control over your data, and that will make the supply chain management smooth and transparent.

Innovative supply chain technologies can simplify management. These technologies will reduce operating costs and minimize potential errors. You can contact JD Edwards Managed Services to get technical help for your supply chain. Their experienced team can make a significant difference in your supply chain management.

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