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5 mistakes to avoid on your Facebook page

Social media is similar to billiards (pool): Everyone thinks they can do it. But the more you play, the more you understand the difference between a better player and a poor one. Brands or Pages that steadily upload significant, intriguing content are bound to grab audiences’ attention and gain trust. Facebook marketing n rocket science. You may need to know a lot about Facebook marketing before opting for it. And some of the serious flaws marketers make on Facebook are missed opportunities – which land your page downhill. But if you wish to efficaciously publicize your business on Facebook, you ought to do your research ahead of time and have social media stratagems in place and the resources to make it happen.  Below are 5 common Facebook mistakes that could be killing your page – and why you need to stop remaking these mistakes TODAY! Let’s find out!

Overly Promotional Posts

Facebook carried out a study in which Facebook users brought to light how little they care for promotional posts from business Pages. Sales posts make people cringe. It’s not proper to “treat your wall as a promotional ticker”. Brands ought to be content-focused and render their community information which is beneficial and relevant, not simply sales pitches so that the content strategy should support a justifiable narrative, interaction, and engagement. Therefore, don’t be salesy!

Lack of Human Touch and Ignoring your Audience

Social media is all about engagement, that’s why they entail the term ‘social’. It’s also a consumer service handle. One of the biggest blunders most businesses continue making is the “post and run” tactic. When people comment, do respond! Companies should not be startled when consumers make queries, suggestions, and air complaints, and then commit yet another faux pas by not reciprocating or blocking anything vaguely negative. In fact, a company can utilize this chance to turn an unhappy consumer into a happy and satisfied one by handling negative feedback tactfully and respectfully. Tip: Don’t bail on them! Facebook is a platform where brands can flaunt their personality. On social media, a lack of personality results in your brand sounding like a robot. This is one thing you wish to avoid by all means. Therefore know your audience, find your voice! And don’t be afraid to sprinkle some pep in your posts!

Posting too often…or too rarely and Posting Lengthy Texts

Posting consistent content on your Facebook page might feel amazing. Needless to say, curating & developing content is a challenge that all businesses face. It’s a common mistake when you start to post one link after another, without even understanding that you ought to let your posts ‘breathe’. Remember, to allow at least an hour for each post before you create the next one. Also, a Facebook Page that isn’t updated fairly frequently appears inactive, which makes it ‘disappear’ from the newsfeed of your audience. Is that what you wish for? Don’t forget to check the length of your posts. Are you writing posts lengthier than War and Peace? Please don’t do that. Posts with 40 characters gain 86% more engagement. It’s better to keep your posts short and sweet which fans can easily read and understand. It simply depends on you, how to deal with the audience, and follow other parameters to get more and more benefits from Facebook. Facebook can act as a Friend or Foe both. It can take you to peaks or it can dig you in pits.

Treating the Page like a Profile

People have profiles, businesses have pages! Companies should never set up a brand or business as a private profile, and there is no benefit in doing so and they will be missing out on many SEO benefits.  If your business is set up as a Facebook profile, you can transform it into a page. Page owners have much more control over how their pages can appear, the tabs and features they wish to incorporate, and the types of analytics or reports they can easily receive. The added functionalities are “impeccable” tools to harness the actual strength of Facebook and its community for business objectives.

Poor Cover Image, About Information and Lack of Multimedia

When visitors land on your Facebook page for the very first time, what impression do they get from your profile picture and cover photo?  An enticing and well-designed profile and cover image will be able to catch eye-balls & encourage them to take action. Your Facebook “About” segment exhibits the image of your brand. Businesses should not be afraid of multimedia but embrace it on their Facebook pages. Multimedia content, like pictures and videos related to your brand help, grabs your fans’ attention, renders a reason to share, and keeps bringing them back for more.

Final Thoughts

These are just a few of the most general flaws that businesses make with their Facebook page which can cause an enormous loss in momentum or an earned opportunity. Always remember that Facebook is an online representation of your brand and should be handled as such. After avoiding these mistakes, you’re all set and confident to launch your own successful Facebook Page! Move forward in a positive and productive way. Happy Facebooking Folks!

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