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5 Most Common Workplace Safety Equipments Every Worker Must Have

One of the essential responsibilities of a boss is to ensure that their employees have proper protective equipment, especially if they are doing manual labor, and that they have a safe and appropriate working environment. In this sense, safety equipment is important to protect employees regardless of work ranking and ensure that they will be protected if there is any danger.

Having safety equipment alone in a workplace is not enough. Workers must also be educated on how to use the safety equipment to help them apply them in an actual situation and ensure that the equipment could protect them as much as possible.

Some jobs put their employees more at risk for their safety, like people working in construction sites, mining areas, providing health services, the manufacturing industry, and more.

With this being said, to lessen the probability of facing accidents and being safe from high-risk jobs, here are some of the five most common safety equipment every workplace must-have.

Safety Gloves

Safety gloves are highly needed if employees often use their hands to do manual labor that the hands could not handle. If an employee is working in either a too hot or too cold environment, they have higher chances of being at risk for injury or being ill.

Thus, thermal gloves or aluminum gloves are needed to protect a person’s hand in temperatures above or below the normal range.

There are three types of safety gloves you might find suitable in the workplace; leather, aluminized, and aramid fiber. The leather type is recommended for workers who need protection against sparks and heat sources.

On the contrary, aluminized gloves are best for insulating protection against heat and cold. Lastly, aramid fiber type of safety gloves is best if the user would need to be protected from cuts and long-term security.

High-Visibility Clothing

Certain people find it hard to see objects and people during the night because it’s already dark. In this case, high-visibility clothing is necessary because it helps reduce the risk of accidents for people working in traffic areas and helps in roadworks.

When you wear high-visibility clothing, people can easily see you, making a person aware of their surroundings. Typically, these kinds of clothes are used in hazardous situations to prevent any accidents from occurring.

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Protective Helmets

If ever you experience an earthquake, you must ensure that your head is protected from any possible falling debris. The best way to do this other than the duck cover and hold position is to use a protective helmet. Each workplace must have a protective helmet, not only those works in construction areas.

Helmets are made with an additional layer that helps protect the head to prevent them from experiencing any traumatic brain injury or at least lessen the probability of having any head injuries from the strong impacts that may hit the head.

Employees need to be protected from the sides of their heads, neck, and anything that may fall. Typically, hard hats are crucial, especially for workers assigned to construction sites.

Safety helmets also protect a person’s entire face, like the ones used by delivery riders to provide them complete protection in the head when they deliver the goods ordered by their customers.

Safety Boots

Every workplace has different suitable attire for work. Some people wear corporate attires for offices, while others wear safety boots. Safety boots are used not for fashion solely, but they are used to protect the toes from any falling object that may cause harm to an employee.

The great thing about safety boots is that they possess a protective reinforcement that makes them durable and suitable for long-term use. It provides excellent support to the foot’s arch and guarantees its user to put their leg in a better alignment that could also benefit a person’s overall posture.

Face Masks

Ever since the world has faced a battle with the COVID-19 virus, everyone is required to wear a face mask at all times, without any exception, whether you’re an employee or not. In workplace settings, people should wear face masks to help them be protected from any possible virus they may get.

Additionally, employees working in hospitals must use a high-grade face mask that could prevent any virus that may come in contact with them. Face masks help slow down the spread of a virus, and they must be worn, especially in places that do not have enough ventilation or good circulation of air.


Training and safety equipment must be required for every workplace because it could lessen the risk of facing any damage in the head, feet, or other body parts that may cause death from falling objects and more. It’s always best to be protected and educated so that employees would know how to handle the situation in the worst-case scenario and what to do.