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5 online jobs during COVID-19

We all are living at a very weird time now when COVID-19 makes decisions for us. Many businesses got closed and many people all around the world have lost their jobs. Thus, we need to be ready for any outcomes and know the ways how to make money online, sometimes even without prior experience.

Meanwhile, one can work comfortably from their home and still get paid maybe more than those who wake up early and hurry up to an office. With the internet connecting, the world is turning into a global village and thus, it has become easier to work and communicate with those who are thousands of miles away.

Moreover, today there are so many online courses, free articles, and videos on any topic, so even if you have zero experience in all the fields mentioned below, you can simply build the needed skills. Therefore, do not set limits for yourself and ensure you are always looking for something to do to help you grow and learn.

So, let’s dive into some ways to make money from your home to not be so dependent on what’s happening with the job market in your town. The best thing about all the jobs revealed in this article is that all can be done part-time as a way to make additional money if your salary has been cut due to the crisis.

Remember that the listed ideas are only a few among hundreds of other possible options.

How to make money online during the COVID-19 crisis?

Help to analyze and organize data

Working effectively with data today is one of the main needs of every business. So, there are always part-time online positions available in this field. This can be a kind of data researcher, data analytics, virtual assistant, and many more options. If you have no experience, read this DataCamp review, try some online course on data analysis, and then, you can apply for such a position.

Web design

Web designers can start making money by creating small business websites, personal blogs, banners for e-mail marketing, or other visuals. This requires time and effort to find clients who are interested in the services. To find such a job, you need to be aware of software like Photoshop and website contractors like Wix or similar ones.

Social media manager

Today, people spend a significant part of their day on social media, and some of us are quite good at knowing how to motivate other people or selling something via social networks. If you are this kind of person, you are indeed capable of working as a social media manager. Here, you might be required to post things that will evoke sympathy, joy, outrage, or inspiration depending on who you are working for. To work successfully as a social media manager, you should have experience not only with the platforms themselves but also with understanding its core metrics and work with different target audiences.

Starting and managing a blog

Blogging is a simple yet effective way to make money. This can have different directions. You can set up your own website and then help others build their online projects. Another way is to do affiliate marketing to help other businesses by promoting their services and then, get a commission out of it.

Moreover, this can be any kind of blog – a website with written content, your Instagram account, or a Youtube channel. The main complexity here is to find your niche and gain some essential skills. After you get the idea, this idea is very promising and rewarding.

Work as a tutor

One of your skills or your knowledge in some field might be a point of interest for another person. Why not make money by helping someone gain new skills? Some of the ideas here are to teach English or another language online or perhaps help your neighbour’s kid with Math. It’s up to you, to work online or offline but this way is how so many people of different ages around the world earn – so here is your turn.


So, the article has highlighted some of the ways how to make money remotely with the possibility to do this as a part-time job. This is a very common demand during the COVID-19 crisis. All those ideas can be utilized to work for some company or to start your own business this way. So, expand your wings and find something that will bring you professional satisfaction, experience and also will teach you how to earn money no matter what is going on on the job market in your country.