5 reasons Purple Shampoo is Great for Blonde Hair

Purple shampoo has become a popular choice for people with blonde hair, and that’s doubly so if your hair is blonde from being dyed. But there still seems to be a lot of uncertainty about exactly what purple shampoo is and how it can help people with blonde hair. The truth is that it comes with a whole array of advantages. Here are five reasons why you should add purple shampoo to your routine.

It Can Remove Yellow Highlights

One of the biggest headaches of using hair dye is that it can cause your hair to turn yellow. It’s an unappealing look that really makes your source of dye apparent, but purple shampoo can counteract that yellowing. Since it falls opposite yellow on the color spectrum, purple essentially cancels out that color, mellowing out the yellow and providing a more natural blonde look. It’s essentially a toner in addition to being a shampoo, and there are few more effective ways to keep your blonde hair looking lively and natural.

It Works as a Traditional Shampoo

Since it fulfills the role of a toner, many people question whether purple shampoo will actually clean your hair. Fortunately, purple shampoo is just as good as conventional shampoo at clearing out dirt and oils and strengthening both the roots and the cuticles of your hair. Of course, just as with any hair, the quality of a purple shampoo can vary wildly. Be sure to read the ingredients carefully and look for a purple shampoo that’s engineered to nurture your specific type of hair. There are purple options for everything from overly dry to overly oily skin.

There are Natural Choices

Purple shampoo is largely about repairing damage caused in your hair from chemicals, so it would seem counterproductive to see a purple shampoo with a lot of synthetic ingredients. Fortunately, there are a lot of purple shampoos that are composed entirely or nearly entirely from natural ingredients. Beauty brand VoCe, for instance, creates a purple shampoo that is completely vegan and composed entirely of all-natural ingredients. That’s great if you’re worried about chemicals stripping the life from your hair, but it’s also a more ecologically conscious choice that won’t cause damage when it goes down your drain and continues into streams, tributaries, and eventually the ocean.

They Don’t Require Constant Use

Purple shampoo can fulfill all of the same goals as more conventional shampoo, but that doesn’t mean that you need to use it as a complete replacement. That said, you can use a purple shampoo in your daily hair care routine if you like without any adverse effects. There are no special properties that make regular use of purple shampoo any more hazardous to the health of your hair than more conventional brands. Just be sure to evaluate your usage carefully, as using too much purple shampoo can lend it an unnatural shade of purple. Like all good things, it’s best used in moderation.

They Work With Any Shade of Blonde

There are countless different shades of blonde, but you don’t need to find a different type of purple shampoo for each. All you need to do is adjust how long you leave the purple shampoo in to really let it set. Warm blondes can get by just leaving the shampoo in for a minute or two, while cool blondes may need to let it sit for as much as 15 minutes. In either case, you can keep the same purple shampoo even if you decide to dye your hair and try out a new shade of blonde.