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5 Reasons to buy Bunk Beds for your Kids

The bedroom is the hidden treasure that you cherish the most in your home. While the living room reflects your personality, the bedroom reflects your private thoughts and the space where you can be your true self in terms of decorations. But what about your kids’ room especially if you have more than one child. Whose taster will be reflected in the room becomes a national debate and you have to pull the parent card to resolve it. So you can very well imagine what will happen when you opt for bunk beds for your kids rather than single beds. Another debate might start as to who will take which berth. That said, having bunk beds for your kids is the best option because not only do they come in really impressive designs but are budget friendly and saves a lot of space – which is beneficial if you have a medium sized bedroom.

Why opt for bunk beds for kids

When we buy bed online we are spoilt for choices between king size and single sets to beds with storage and even the more traditional four poster bed with curtains and this is also extended to the bunk beds too. If you are specifically crunched for space or want more play room for your kids, you can opt for a modular bunk bed that comes with storages space, cupboards and even compact study table attached to it. This leaves more space for the kids to build their fantastical creations like blanket tents. That said, it is always a great idea to have bunk beds for your kids because:

  1. It does strengthen the bond between siblings. Having different bedrooms or even different beds kind of alienates the siblings but with bunk beds they learn and adjust to each other’s movements and sleep phases. This makes the sibling bond stronger.
  2. With many bunk designs which have rail support, it does give the kids a feel of travelling via trains and that encourages the young minds to be more creative. Playing together like that also works towards a healthy sibling relationship.
  3. Bunk beds give a dormitory effect and that makes the kids be more adjustable to situations like sharing and being intuitive of their surroundings and also to gel well with people. Many introverts find it awkward when they are amidst a crowd and that is reflected in their body language which is interpreted inaccurately. But introverts who have shared bunk space with siblings find it easier to adjust to the said crowd and mingle well without leaving their comfort zone.
  4. Many bunks beds now come as part of a larger and modular bedrooms et which means that each sibling will have their own small space to store their stuff alongside with personal wardrobe space, cabinets and storage units. This makes privacy a bit challenging but then it also makes the siblings learn to trust and respect personal space,.
  5. Many interesting themed bunk beds are available but if the kids are not settling on one design, you can easily have accustom made set to satisfy both or if you want to stick to the budget then you can choose from the modern designs which can be customized by the user with their own knick-knacks.


One thing that should be kept in mind is the safety of these bunk beds. You do not want them to collapse on each other, fatally damaging your kids. The ladder grips should be good too and this is where you can teach manners to your kids about the duties of the elder sibling. Another concern is making the beds but then this ca also be a teaching point.

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