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5 Reasons to Take Engagement Photos

You may be the camera-shy type and feel that taking engagement pictures is a waste of resources. Planning a wedding can also be overwhelming. Thus, you will find that ignoring the engagement session is easier. But, time will come that you will go back to that day and hoped that you should’ve captured your engagement.

Primary Reasons Why You Should Take Engagement Pictures

  1. It Makes You Comfortable in Front of the Camera

The odds are that both you and your partner don’t model for a living. Therefore, you must do the test run before the big day. Your wedding will surely be among the most important days of your life. You cannot afford to spoil it with bad poses.

When it comes to romantic poses with your partner, not everyone can do it publicly. You can use the engagement session as a practice platform. It will help you relax and be less awkward on your wedding day pictures.

  1. You Familiarize with the Photographer

You must get to know your photographer. Ensure to establish a stable relationship. It will significantly impact your wedding photos. Most wedding photography packages include the engagement session for this reason.

The engagement session will help you interact with your photographer.

It will help the photographer learn your quirks and personality. They will thus be able to make personalized wedding photos. They will take the pictures so that it accentuates your characters.

  1. You Can Reconnect

You can choose where to take your engagement photos, and it has to be in a place that is memorable to you as a couple. This could be the place where you got engaged, where you have a shared interest or your first date spot.

  1. You Get to See a Professional Photograph of Yourself

You can get to choose the images you like. It will help your photographer know the photographic angles they should maintain. They also get to learn the photography styles they should avoid.

You can have your hair and makeup trial done, and this will help you see the style that suits you or make some changes if you’re not pleased with the result of your look in the photos.

Seeing how good you look in your engagement photos can boost your confidence. You will also be able to trust your photographer more. You will be looking forward to your big day. Thus, you will not have to worry about publicly posing for pictures. Choose a photographer who has the engagement session as part of their wedding photography packages.

  1. You Will Have Pictures for Your PreWedding

You can use the engagement pictures for your wedding program, background, invitation cards, mementos, social media accounts, and the website that will serve as the programme, and an invitation to your guests.


An engagement session will help you connect with your photographer. He will get to know your preferences and angles. Also, it allows you to practice your poses before the wedding day.

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