5 reasons why crying is good for your health

People who cry might have a reputation of appearing weak or too emotional.  

This causes some to choke down their emotions instead to appear stronger and in control.

But experts insist that there are some unexpected health benefits for people who cry often, including lower stress levels, a decrease of toxins in the body, and greater emotional awareness.

Researchers have found that crying is a positive release of emotions and stress for someone. It allows the body to rid itself from toxic stress hormones (file photo)

1. Crying allows a positive release

Crying activates the parasympathetic nervous system in the body to signal to the glands in the eyes to release tears. 

After the crying session is over, the body is able to slow down its breathing and heart rate to a more controlled pace.

This entire experience sends a positive release throughout the body and gives off the feeling of relief for the person. 

One study from the University of South Florida studied how people felt after crying. 

The researchers found that almost everyone in the study felt better after a crying session. 

‘The overwhelming majority of our participants reported mood improvement after crying,” the researchers said.

Out of everyone who was studied, more than 88 percent said they felt better after they cried. 

The researchers also found that personality also played a role into who was more likely to enjoy their crying session. 

2. Toxic hormones are flushed from the body

Human tears contain the stress hormone adrenocorticotropic hormone (ACTH). 

People who have higher levels of ACTH in their body are at risk of developing diseases such as Addison’s disease. 

This disease can cause extreme fatigue, low blood sugar levels and depression. 

Crying flushes ACTH from the body, which can then make the person feel calmer. 

Tears also contain the hormone prolactin.

This hormone is found in both genders during moments of sexual gratification and interpersonal connections. 

When someone cries, this hormone is released in the body to help give off the soothing and calming feeling that people feel afterwards.  

3. The body’s emotional awareness is heightened

Animals cry in order to clear their tear ducts from any debris.  

But Humans are have a different reason for tear ducts. They are the only living organism on the planet who cries because of how they are feeling. 

A good cry is the body’s cue that it is feeling the emotion and therefore it makes it more self-aware. 

By allowing the body to tap into emotions of sadness, it can also become more aware of other feelings such as happiness, relief and gratitude. 

4. Stress is alleviated 

It can be stressful to attempt to contain your emotions when you don’t feel fine. 

But allowing yourself to cry can release tension that has built up in the body. 

Experimental psychologist Alex Goetz, who founded leading health risk management company General Health Inc, said: ‘Emotional tears, shed in moments of intense feeling, carry stress hormones and are a way of getting rid of them. 

‘Even if crying embarrasses you, it signals that you’ve reached a level of stress that’s detrimental to your health.’ 

Experts have found that the majority of people who cry immediately feel more relaxed after they are done.  

5. It makes others more comfortable with their emotions

Being open with your emotions towards others can help improve relationships and allow for them to also show how they are feeling. 

Certain businesses in Japan and the UK have capitalized on having areas where people can openly express their sadness.

‘Crying clubs’ are spaces where people can go and connect with their emotions without feeling shame. 

This idea first originated in Japan and then traveled to England in 2007 when Loss, the first British ‘crying club’, was opened. 

These places play sad music or movies to help people tap into their own emotions.  

People who attend these places find they grow more comfortable witnessing other people cry.  

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