5 Reasons Why You Should Join a Police Association

If you’re working in the police force joining a police association is something worth considering. You’re not forced to join a police association but it’s advisable because your rights as an employee will be protected. Fostering healthy relationship among your peers and keeping up to date with industry standards is another benefit of joining a police association.

Not only will your rights be protected as a member but your financial security when you retire will also be taken care of. Let’s look at five more reasons why you should join a police association.

1. Fair Remuneration

It’s a fact that the police are a vital part of any community. That’s why their salaries should reflect that. Very often police officers are rewarded for their years of serving in the line of duty. Their remuneration is usually determined by:

  • How long they’ve been in service
  • The wage increases over time
  • The total hours worked overtime
  • The employee benefits that come with the job

Some of the rewards of belonging to a police association are they negotiate fair retirement packages and better remuneration structures.

2. Being Part of a Positive Police Culture

As a police officer, you make an impact in your community every day by simply doing your job. Very few jobs are as rewarding as being part of law enforcement. Serving and protecting communities are at the root of police work. When you join a police association you have a platform to interact with like-minded peers and foster a positive police culture.

It’s reassuring knowing you’re all working towards a safer society together. It keeps the passion alive to serve and protect your communities & allows you to learn from your peers. Police officers form strong bonds with each other in a police association because they share the highs and lows of their work.

3. Serving with Pride

Your job should bring you pride whether you’re a police officer or a clerk in a firm. We often forget that these guardians of society have families of their own. They serve with pride because they know who is watching them closely, their loved ones.

When you’re part of a police association you can rely on the association to ensure your family is looked after if you’re killed in the line of duty or if anything bad happens to you.


4. Variety of Services

There are a variety of services the police association offers that can improve your work as a police officer. Going to work with the possibility of chasing and arresting criminals should be your main concern & not so much the administrative side of things.

These are some of the services the police association can assist you with as a member:

  • Your rights in the workplace
  • Legal advice
  • Access to the latest legislative changes in the country concerning the law enforcement
  • Advocating for member’s welfare
  • Helpful policing tips and guidelines
  • Invitation to beneficial events in the police environment
  • Referrals to services such as counselling and health professionals if required

Staying dedicated to your role as a police officer can make you reach high ranks in the police force. That requires you to focus on the day-to-day activities of your job and be mentally & physically present & make use of these services from the police association. Who knows, your dedication and loyalty to the police force might see you being part of the Prime Minister’s outfit one day, it’s not impossible.

5. Retirement Benefits

As an officer in the police force, you have the opportunity to retire early if you decide so. Making sure all your benefits are secure when you retire is essential for your peace of mind. Living off your retirement package can be tricky if it doesn’t make provision for the rise in inflation.

The police association negotiates all your retirement benefits on your behalf using their expertise. They understand the legal requirements and industry standards when negotiating your package to ensure you get the best deal.

Retiring early also grants you a chance to explore new horizons. Your free time could be used to enjoy relaxing activities you never had the chance to do before. Having the police association take care of your retirement benefits take the worry of money out of the equation. It’s a reward for the many years you’ve served in the line of duty. Enjoy it!

Final Thoughts

The unbreakable bonds formed as a member of the police association is one of the most rewarding benefits many police officers claim. It’s the sense of belonging and being understood by your peers that’s most valuable. A police association becomes a home away from home.

Veterans in the police force also find immense value as members of a police association because they get to share their experience and meet up with old mates. Whatever your reason might be for joining a police association, simply know it could only benefit you in the long run.