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5 reasons why you should play the “Risk” with your kids

Board games offer a plethora of benefits for children of all ages. Not only are they fun and engaging, but they can often be educational, and teach kids life skills.

Board games provide a fantastic way for parents and families to connect with their kids in a relaxed and light-hearted environment. These types of activities enable families to enjoy a night in, unwind, and appreciate the time spent together.

Of the millions of board games on the market today, one of the biggest and beloved tabletop games on offer, is the game Risk. This well-known classic is all about conquering the world. So, playing with your kids is sure to bring out their competitive side and stir some excitement.

We’ve highlighted the top five reasons why you should play this legendary classic with your kids.

#1 Enhances cognitive skills

Risk is a game with a number of rules and instructions to follow. It is a game of strategy, a game of observation, and a game of thinking. As such, Risk can work to enhance children’s cognitive skills.

By playing, kids will need to remember the rules of the game, communicate with their opponents, and pay attention to others’ moves along with the board.

Collectively, the mechanics of the game can aid in the development of cognitive skills. In their efforts to win, Risk can enhance a child’s ability to think, learn, and reason, whilst understanding the game.

#2 Boosts strategic thinking

Undoubtedly, Risk is the ultimate game of strategy. By means to expand and build territory, kids will become exposed to the process of strategic thinking, to think ahead, in their efforts to achieve their in-game goals.

The more kids are exposed to this type of thinking, the more they will adapt, learn, and start thinking in a similar manner.

The more they play Risk, the more they will get the hang of the game, improving their playing skills, understanding their mistakes, and learning from others around them.

#3 Encourages healthy competition

Competitive board games, like Risk, are advantageous in teaching kids about good sportsmanship and healthy competition. Children often learn and mimic responses from adults and react in similar ways to situations that affect them. As such, Risk can be a great setting to model good sportsmanship, teaching your child to win and lose graciously.

#4 Aids in the development of logic and decision-making

Often, kids are known to have flawed decision-making skills. Now, this is typically only because, in their youth, they have not been exposed to situations in which they need to use logic to support their decisions.

However, without tactical thinking, logic, and sound decision-making, Risk is almost impossible to win. Therefore, Risk can aid in this development as children learn the rules of the game and become apt to develop strategies to win.

In order to succeed, they will need logic, and sound decision-making abilities to battle their opponents, and commandeer new territories.

#5 Provides an opportunity for family bonding and strengthens relationships

Lastly, in the busyness of everyday life, it can often be difficult to find the time to bond with your kids. But no need to fret, because Risk is one of those games designed to interest all types of audiences.

Players young and old, are sure to enjoy this game, whilst simultaneously spending time together and strengthening their personal relationships.

With that said, it is also handy to note that there are many different types of risk games. So, if your child isn’t interested in the original Hasbro edition, introduce them to some popular thematic remakes, editions, and versions of the game.

Adaptations like Star Wars, Marvel, or Transformers may pique their interest and offers the same benefits with similar game mechanics.

If you’re still questioning whether to introduce Risk to your family game night, why not just give it a go. Risk is certainly a brain game of fun, diplomacy, conquest, and conflict, with lots of benefits to offer. So much so, that we’re sure that this is one decision you won’t regret!