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5 Religious Attires All the Way from Israel

Local outfits of a nation have been a symbol of its culture and the very essence of its own. In a nation, there could be numerous communities and their way of dressing could be distinct and identical in all respect. And, this is what makes ethnical and cultural diversity in one nation.

Talking of Israel, the country has been a source of religious sentiments that makes it a place of divine intervention. Whether it is a food, clothing, or the people, the holy touch of God is quite visible on everything around. However, this post will highlight the five religious attires all the way from Israel. Take a look!

  1. Tzitzit Strings

The tzitzit strings are attached to the tallit four-cornered garment which is worn when offering religious prayer to the god. Since ancient times it has been of remarkable religious value for the Jewish. These Jewish strings could be generally of any size and are used for intentionally for the purpose of a mitzvah.

  1. Tallit Gadol

Tallit are religious attires worn underneath the cloth during prayers by Jewish men. With such a unique religious importance, these religious clothing holds great value for the Jewish men to pay attention. The full attire (not just the wick) is made from wool not from cotton or silk. And, there are strings attached to it at the end which are the commandments and reminder of God.

  1. Tallit Katan

Tallit katan or simply tzitzit are another important religious attire the holds prominent values for the Jewish. Known pretty much by its four cornered hold, these katans are made from synthetic fabrics such as wool or cotton. These outfits are simple and sober and offer a rich divine connection when wore during the prayers.

  1. Kippah

Kippahs are religious hats worn by Jewish people to meet the customary requirements during rituals and prayers offered to God. These hats are often made from wool and quite unorthodox from other religions out there. Earlier, they were worn by people in line with religious laws. But with time, they just remain as a religious valued item. Design-wise the hats have a brimless shape and offer absolute simplicity for the people who wear these hats.

  1. Kittel

A kittel is the attire worn by religious leaders during several religious and cultural ceremonies of Jewish origin. The great thing about this attire is this it is completely simple and sober and matches the reverence for God people of the Jewish religion possess. Moreover, there are some customs and myths attached to this attire. According to one customer, the Jewish groom has to wear a kittel under their Chuppahs during wedding


While there is so many unique and marvellous religion around the globe, identifying a particular religion much due to its clothing becomes completely surprising. And, if you’re the one who is trying to peak into authenticity and richness, there could be nothing better than a Jewish clothing item.

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