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5 Rewarding Benefits of Online Proctoring

In 2020 the global online exam proctoring market reached a value of $515.9 million. Not everyone believes that online proctoring is a good thing, but as it has increased in use in recent years, several advantages have been made clear.

For a rundown of the advantages that come with online exam proctoring keep reading.

It Prevents and Deters Cheating

One of the biggest problems that have always faced exams is cheating. Online exam proctoring presents several basic features that help prevent academic dishonesty, including:

  • Student ID verification
  • Video monitoring
  • Sound detection
  • Browser locking capabilities
  • Allowed URLs
  • Allowed applications

There are also some more advanced features that can help prevent cheating. Cell phone detection can determine if a student attempts to use any mobile devices.

AI proctoring allows for live pop-ins if it detects any potential cheating. Exam content protection allows the scanning of external websites to see if any of the exam questions have been posted elsewhere.

Easy to Set Up and Customize

It is very easy to set up an online proctored exam. You can create an exam in your Learning Management System (LMS) as normal, then enable the online proctoring and select the features you want for your exam.

The proctoring system you use should integrate perfectly with whatever remote learning platform you are using, so you can easily pick from the features available, such as webcam, screen recording, browser locking, and room scanning.

Works for a Variety of Exam Types

It would make sense to assume that online proctored exams are quite limited in terms of the format, but there is actually more freedom than you would expect.

If you want to conduct a paper exam, for example, you can set specific details which are presented to the students taking the exam. The proctor can tell everyone what materials they can use (pen, paper, textbooks, etc.), exam settings to share with other faculty members, and time limits.

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Removes Burden on Test Centers

One major difference between an in-person test and an online proctored test is that there is no need to use a test center in the same way remote learning has eliminated the need for students to physically attend classes.

This means that significantly less administration is needed. With this, you don’t need as many staff and resources, which saves on the overall cost of each exam.

Students Can Schedule Exams

Online proctoring adds another element of flexibility to exams. You are in complete control of the scheduling. You can choose a specific time and date for an exam, or if you prefer you can allow the students to decide when they would like to take it.

You can make an exam available 24/7, so that students can do it at a time that suits them, allowing them to fit it in around their personal schedules.

Is Online Proctoring the Future?

Recent years have seen a rise in online proctoring, alongside remote learning and remote working. People have seen these in practice and understand the advantages, and why they work so well.

Modern technology makes this sort of testing easier than ever, so it is safe to say it will continue to have a place in education.

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