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5 SEO Trends of 2021 You Should Know!

Google has been improving its search engine very drastically these days. SEO is becoming a lot tougher for low-quality websites. And appropriate for those who deliver quality content on their websites.

After seeing the surge of small businesses coming online after the pandemic, Google has become even more responsible for making the platform better for users. Even in this pandemic, Google has been working and rolling out several updates in 2020.

So, after new updates, is SEO taking a different turn? According to past updates, what will be the new updates coming on our way this year, in 2021? Well, a UK SEO Agency has predicted some things about SEO trends for you. Here are 5 SEO Trends of 2021 You Should Know!

1. Role Of Structured Data In SERP Features:

Google SERP has been evolving by adopting new features like Structured Data. Structured Data is going to provide rich results and provide a much better interaction with Google Services.

Structured data is an important part of search engines but it is not any ranking signal for Google. This SEO Trend of 2021 and also in the past, is only used by Google for a better understanding of your content.

2. Passage-based Optimization of Content:

Thanks to BERT-like language models Google is now capable of having a better understanding of your content. As Google officials explained that, we publishers have to have a goal to write content that is easily understandable by automated systems.

Better the understanding by Google, the better numbers of queries your content will rank for.

3. SERP Optimization For Brands:

Branding and reputation is also a ranking factor. Not only SEO but it also helps in better conversions. A better brand reputation will help you with almost every aspect of online business.

A better brand reputation and earning your presence in Google’s Knowledge Graph will help you to perform better online. Just like other techniques, this also requires consistency, strategy and a good understanding of linked data publishing, and better content quality.

4. Web Stories and Queryless Results:

Google is a search engine as well also a discovery engine. In the past few years, Web Stories has improved a lot. Many queries of users are being pushed to them even before they search for them.

Web Stories has become like a news platform for many users including me.

5. Automation In 2021:

Automated SEO is at its beginning of evolution. In 2021 automated SEO will take a new turn with natural language processing and automated text generation. Even if the entire SEO is way too complicated to be completely automated, some parts will be automated.

These are some of the new SEO trends in 2021. There’s a lot coming, embrace yourself for a change.