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5 Signs Your Bathtub Needs to Be Refinished

Is your bathtub starting to look a bit drab and dreary? Are you cleaning it, yet it still looks discolored? If your bathroom is looking like it’s been a few years, it may be time for a bathtub refinishing with a professional. Here are 5 signs to look out for when you think it’s time to fix up your bathtub for a brand new shine:

#1: Your Bathtub Glaze is Chipped or Scratched

This tends to result from general wear and tear, for which dropping shampoo bottles or bath toys are the most likely culprits. While everything ages, you don’t have to settle for a chipped bathtub, especially if you’ve recently remodeled the rest of your bathroom and you want your bathtub to match. A bathtub reglazing that’s properly done by a professional will fix the old, chipped finish of your bathtub and replace it with a shiny finish that looks as good as new.

#2: Your Bathtub is Stained and Discolored

If your bathtub looks discolored with patches of pink, yellow, and brown, this is usually one of the first signs to point at the need for a new porcelain coating. Over time, water exposure breaks down your bathtub’s old refinishing glaze, and unfortunately may even lead to mold. To prevent your bathtub’s coating from breaking down further, schedule an appointment to refinish your bathtub.

#3: You Simply Want a New Color for Your Bathtub

Is your tub still stuck in the past with outdated colors or styles? You don’t have to spend thousands on a whole new tub. If your tub works just fine, you can simply revamp your vintage tub with a bathtub resurfacing treatment for an all-new look. Or maybe, you do want to try an unusual color like blue for your bathtub. Whatever your goal is, a professional will make sure your resurfaced bathtub matches your vision.

#4: Your Bathtub Lost its Sleek, New Shine

You just got new lights for your bathroom, and all of a sudden, all that’s illuminated is your bathtub’s dull and dingy vibe. The water stains have overpowered the tub’s shine, and now its age really shows how much the protective coating of your bathtub has dissolved. This is a real damper because a shiny bathtub makes all the difference in how clean your bathroom looks. If you want to bring back that shine for a more aesthetic bathroom overall, a professional will easily refinish your bathtub for that new-tub glossy shine.

#5: You Can No Longer Properly Clean Your Bathtub

Hopefully, you’re not still trying to clean your bathtub for the fifth time. When this happens, the discoloration is essentially embedded into the porcelain finish of your bathtub, which is why you just can’t get those colorful splotches out. In addition to discoloration, there is more potential for mold or other contaminants to grow and at a faster rate too.

If you don’t refinish your bathtub at this point, you will just end up cleaning a lot more than you’d like just to keep your tub safe, even though it will still look dirty.

Final Note: Bathtub Refinishing is NOT a DIY Job!

Refinishing your bathtub is certainly a better option than replacing it because bathtubs are built to outlast their finishes, and refinishes last just as long as a new tub. As a less expensive option with the same look and feel as a new tub, why not get it done?

However, if you are seriously considering refinishing your bathtub, it’s important that you work with a professional who knows what he’s doing. Trying to reglaze your bathtub on your own is not only unsafe, but it can also lead to undesirable mishaps that might result in having to spend money on a whole new bathtub. For this reason, you’ll save time, money and stress by just hiring a company in the first place.