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5 Stroller Rules and Tips For Disney World: Everything Parents Need to Know

5 Stroller Rules and Tips For Disney World: Everything Parents Need to Know

When you are a parent, planning a Disney World vacation requires more than just booking tickets and securing hotel reservations.

One important aspect you can never overlook is figuring out how you will explore the parks with the kids. With updates to Disney’s stroller rules, planning is more crucial than ever if you’re considering buying or renting a stroller for your little ones.

This guide will answer all your questions about Disney World stroller guidelines, including tips on saving and other essential tips before embarking on the adventure!

5 Stroller Rules and Tips For Disney World

1. Size Requirements and Guidelines

According to Disney’s latest guidelines, strollers can’t be larger than 31” (79 cm) wide and 52” (132cm) long.

While collapsible strollers are not mandatory, they are recommended, especially if you plan to use Disney’s transportation services. If you’re traveling on a Walt Disney World resort bus, you’ll need to fold your stroller up. This rule also applies to parking lot trams.

You can take the strollers onboard the Skyliner gondola system and the monorail that links Magic Kingdom to EPCOT, the Ticket and Transportation Center, and nearby hotels.

Strollers can be securely stored underneath when using Disney’s Magical Express coach bus service.

2. Bringing Your Own Stroller

You can easily bring your stroller following Disney’s guidelines. Keep in mind that Disney World does not allow wagons, stroller wagons, or any stroller attachments that are pushed or pulled behind the stroller. Now, what’s the benefit of bringing your stroller?

For many parents, renting a stroller at the park can be expensive if your plan is for several days, and some Disney locations require a deposit of up to $100. By bringing a compatible stroller for Disneyland, you can save money and your child will be comfortable in a stroller they are familiar with.

If you have two kids, and double stroller for Disney can save your day when your kids inevitably become weary and able to take rest when necessary.

3. Renting a Stroller at Disney World

Disney World offers stroller rentals at all four parks and Disney Springs. When renting a stroller, choose the right size for your child.

  • A single stroller for children under 50 pounds costs $15 per day.
  • A double stroller for children 100 pounds or less is available for $31 per day.

You can save a few bucks with multi-day Disney stroller rental discounts. If you plan on renting a stroller from the Disney Springs location, you’ll need to make a $100 credit card deposit. However, this is not the case for any of the other locations.

It’s worth noting that strollers are not permitted to leave the parks, and you’ll need to keep your rental receipt with you if you plan on picking up a stroller at your next destination.

4. Renting from Third-Party Providers

Walt Disney World partners with one stroller rental company, ScooterBug, but they allow third-party providers too.

While ScooterBug can offer convenience and competitive pricing, other third-party providers like Kingdom Stroller or Orlando Stroller Rentals can offer more flexibility in stroller delivery.

One of the advantages of renting from a third-party provider is that you can abode your baby from a hotel room as they can deliver the stroller directly to your Disney hotel room if you want.

Plus, third-party providers often offer a wider selection of strollers than ScooterBug, including specialty strollers like double strollers and strollers with infant attachments.

5. Personalize Your Stroller

Disney World strollers are identical, so it can be difficult to spot your stroller amongst the sea of strollers parked outside attractions. Disney employees may relocate your stroller while you wait in line for an attraction.

Therefore, it is crucial to have a means of quickly identifying your stroller. You can attach a distinctive sign, ribbon, or other identifying feature to your stroller to make it easier to spot.

Final Words

Even if your kids don’t typically use a stroller back home, you may find a stroller handy during your Disney World trip.

The parks and resorts are vast, and your energetic little ones may tire out as the day progresses. While it’s not a requirement for everyone, having the option to bring your own or rent a stroller can make a big difference in experiencing Disney theme parks.