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5 Things That You Didn’t Know About Beer Growler Fillers

How to get the possibility to offer your customers the best service and a high-class beverage? It is necessary to pay attention to every detail of the brewery and the service process. One of those things that can really simplify and improve the work of your bar, pub, or restaurant is beer growler filler.

Beer growler fillers are indispensable devices for all brewers. Such an appliance is a special tube, which assures quick and easy growler or bottle filling with beer from a faucet. A standard length of such a tube is 30 cm, and a typical material is a chrome or stainless steel.

However, it is much more convenient to not just acquire a growler filling tube but choose a beer growler filler system. This is a special machine that consists of a filling tube and a whole beer filling system.

Such beer growler filler apparatuses do not require a lot of space, and they could be installed right on the bar counter or any horizontal surface you need.

Peculiarities of a Beer Growler Filler System

There are 5 main characteristics of a beer growler filler system, which should be considered before the purchase:

  • 4-step filling process
  • Saving of every drop of the beverage
  • Accelerated serving process
  • Safe materials
  • Simple assembly

4-step Filling Process

A beer growler filler machine provides 4 stages of the mug or growler filling with the beverage. So, the whole filling procedure includes the following steps:

  • Growler filling with CO2 to clear it from all the oxygen.
  • Pouring of the drink by slow releasing of the CO2 pressure.
  • Slow growler filling from the bottom to avoid foam formation.
  • Filling to the growler’s neck to leave an inch of foam on top.

Such a combination and subsequence of all filling steps allow receiving a high-quality service.

Saving of Every Drop of the Beverage

There is always a typical problem when it comes to the beer serving – foam formation and dripping beer drops. Beer growler filler systems help to avoid this unpleasant peculiarity of beer serving.

The machine purges oxygen from the growler and makes you hold the bottle at a certain angle; so, only one inch of foam could be formed at the very top.

Accelerated Serving Process

The system offers a unique speed of the growler filling with beer. A standard beer growler filling station dispenses two liters of the beverage in only one minute.

Moreover, the great advantage of the installation of such a machine is that it is possible to place it in such a way that customers can use it themselves. So, you can free your staff and accelerate the serving process.

Safe Materials

Beer growler filler stations are made of quality and durable materials like chrome and stainless steel, which makes such machines safe and reliable. You can be sure that all the necessary hygiene standards are sustained.

Simple Assembly

It is convenient that the assemblage of the beer growler filler station is quite simple and does not require a lot of time. So, it is possible to change its location whenever you need or disassemble it for cleaning.

Why the Choice of a Beer Growler Filler System Is a Great Investment in Your Business?

More and more professional and home brewers, as well as a bar, pub, and restaurant owners, prefer to add beer growler fillers to the list of their necessary appliances. Such popularity of these devices is explained by the attractive key features of a beer growler filler system:

  • Easy assemblage, installation, and use
  • Compatibility with beer growlers as well as beer mugs
  • Speed (in only 1 minute, the machine dispenses 2 liters of the drink)
  • No product waste

So, the purchase of a beer growler filling machine is one more way to enhance your brewery or public catering business. Beer growler fillers allow you to serve more clients, save money, assure the cleanliness of the bar counter, and save the beverage.