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5 Things To Do Before Outsourcing Web Development Projects

Business owners prefer to run their functions effectively just like well-oiled machinery. However, not everyone has the liberty of having all the required resources and expertise to execute all functions on their own, and that is where outsourcing comes into the picture.

Outsourcing is a simple concept, where you can hire an organization or freelancers to avail their services for the execution of a specific function. This helps you to keep focused on your core functions, while the non-core functions can be taken care of by the outsourcing organization.

The same applies to web development as well, where few organizations may be capable enough to perform in-house web development, but most of them don’t have the capability, resources, and time to perform web development with adequate finesse.

That is the reason why most web development companies prefer to outsource their web development projects to 3rd party organizations that have the expertise and specialization to perform these tasks.

Outsourcing your Web development project is certainly a daunting task. You need to identify the right outsourcing partner, determine the model that suits your business requirements, and set up shape your workflows to avail quality products. It takes a lot of effort, brainstorming, discussions, and implementation of the correct approach to outsourcing your web development project, as it could be a make or a breakpoint for your business.

In this article, we will try to help those who are venturing into the web development outsourcing arena or even those companies that are already into this business but want to supplement their work with new principles.

Here are five things you must do before you outsource your web development project.

Choose an Outsourcing Partner that understands your Business

An outsourcing project can’t be successful if your web development partner isn’t aware of your business and functions. While outsourcing your project, you must ensure your partner knows your business, your long-term vision, the potential impact of web solutions, and customer engagement. All these factors enable them to comprehend how the web solution will fit into your aspirations and goals.

You may ask the following questions and ensure your outsourcing partner addresses them:

  • Do they know if the web solution is for internal or external usage (or both)?
  • What features will bring value to your organization?
  • How is this web solution going to transform the engagement of your customers?
  • How this solution can improve your existing business workflows?
  • Does a potential web solution complement your long-term business vision?

If your outsourcing partner understands all these aspects, then you are in safe hands.

Keep an Eye on Your Budget

If you have decided to outsource your web development project, then you must be considering allocating a separate budget to hire a team and resources. It is important to determine the services you want and to pay competitive prices against them. Under no circumstance, you should be overpaying for services that your business doesn’t require in the first place.

You must keep a track of your project development, project management, maintenance, and promotion cost, and approach an outsourcing partner who can provide you these services within your budget.  You must calculate the development cost of your MVP product, as that enables you to collect the initial feedback from your end-users and make appropriate changes in the product.

Once you consider these aspects, it will be easy for you to allocate budgets for the components you want. The more boxes an outsourcing company ticks off, the more likely they will be suitable for your job.

Determine Right set of Resources & Technology

While you are planning to outsource your web development project, selecting the right set of Resources and Technology are two important aspects, which can’t be ignored. You can ask your potential outsourcing partner about their expertise in several modern Tools and Technologies. You can check their service portfolio to understand the type of technology they are using to develop their projects.

When it comes to the resources, the outsourcing partner must ensure adequate resource allocation for your project, to prevent any issues. They must have enough employees and computing resources to support your project.

You must ask the following questions before choosing an outsourcing partner:

  • Do they have experience in the latest web development technologies and tools?
  • Do they have well-trained and experienced resources?
  • Can they allocate dedicated resources for your project?
  • How can they resolve any technology or resource-related conflict?
  • Can they handle complex outsourcing functions?

If your outsourcing partner can provide you with adequate resources, who are well equipped with the modern technologies and tools, then you should go ahead with them.

Determine the Communication Rules

Communication with your outsourcing partner is certainly the most important aspect, as they may be functioning far away from you, following other time zones.  Here you must identify the communication protocols and project-management tools you both must be comfortable with.

You must select communication tools to remain in touch with your development partner and other stakeholders. Tools like MS-Teams, Zoom, Cisco WebEx, or Skype can be used to organize meetings, presentations and share content.

You must pay more focus on the workflow available to you, and how you can control the project execution using tools such as Jira, GitHub, Confluence, or other platforms. If your outsourcing partner is using Scrum, then you should be aware of sprint duration, internal team meetings, status update meetings, or governance meetings.

Information Security is First and the Foremost Priority

Information Security must be the top priority for any react native development company. Any security breach or cyberattack can expose your sensitive customer data and may put your business in jeopardy, as a cyber-attack could cause financial and reputational loss to your organization. Hence, it is always recommended to implement adequate security protocols and methods to prevent any cyber threat.

Organizations across the world are paying more attention to Information Security since the COVID-19 pandemic forced people to work from home, which makes them vulnerable to all sorts of security threats.

You must ensure that your outsourcing partner must understand the criticality of cyber security, they must have adequate expertise in the latest Information Security technologies and best practices. You may give weightage to an organization, which has experience in developing secured web solutions.


Outsourcing is a beneficial phenomenon for all, and its significance has been proved already. Due to its numerous benefits, outsourcing has been preferred by Startups and Medium-sized organizations a lot. Organizations can gain experienced talents, manage their workload, reduce their operational costs, and keep focusing on the core functions to grow their business.

Here it is important to plan the project outsourcing, understand the potential challenges, choose the right development partner, who can help you transform your idea into a full-fledged product to realize your business goals. You should select the partner who can develop a customized solution, looks toward the future, prioritizes information security, and draws on the latest technology trends.

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Saurabh Sharma is a Digital Marketing Executive at Arka Softwares, a leading mobile app & web development company. He has 2 years of experience in the Information Technology industry. He spends his time reading about new trends in Digital Marketing and the latest app development technologies.