5 Things to Never Keep On Your Desk at Work

The way your desk looks determines how effective you are at your work. When you have unnecessary stuff on your desk, it creates distractions to your work. Thus, it is important to get rid of the excessive number of pencils, the mountains of sticky notes, and many other things that are not as necessary while at your desk. For instance, if the magazines at your desk distract you, keep them hidden away from your sight. Also, where personal items are everywhere on your desk area, premium quality sustainable wooden products to organize them will come in handy. Below are things that you should keep out of your desk at work.

A ton of sticky notes

Are you the type of colleague that is in the sticky note madness? Everything you need to do you write on your sticky note, and you have them all over your computer and desk. The disadvantage is, sticky notes may be causing more harm than good. Having one that you write on your to-do list will help you keep things in order or using them to explain your absence, in a case where your computer and desk are full of sticky notes. You need to reconsider the process of how you do things in the office.

Leftover food

Leftover food on your desk is a no-no. Thus, keep your half-finished container in the kitchen fridge and away from the corner of your desk. Not only will it bother your coworkers, but the forgotten foods and crumbs will attract critters to your desk space. Hence, keep such issues at bay by taking food garbage to the trash can in your office’s kitchen. Plus, they empty the kitchen trash more often than the one in the office.

A lot of office supplies 

Do you know the more stuff you have at your desk, the more they compete for your attention? Because of this, it is vital to keep office clutter at bay to concentrate more on your work. In this way, you can focus on the project at hand to make it easier for your brain to filter information. The best way to solve this is to cut your office stockpile to a highlighter, three pens, a pencil, and a marker. Develop a system of incoming and outgoing for your papers and get organizers too.

Inappropriate photos 

What photos do you have on display at your office desk? Although having your favorite photos is okay, the photos you choose to display should be well thought out. For instance, a hilarious one of you and your friends at a wild party in a bar is not one you should consider. Never keep such photos and others at your desk, for they will not only embarrass you but will show a lot about your personality and character. Therefore, photos you can opt for are one of your kids, wife, all of you as a family, or one of your best friends or siblings. The rule is if you cannot show that photo to your boss, avoid keeping it at your desk.

Grooming supplies

It is okay to have some makeup but have it in your desk drawer. Avoid keeping items like your moisturizer, nail polish, lipstick, and hair spray on your desk. The reason being, they will add to cluttering your desk, and they are unnecessary in helping you become efficient in your work. Your desk space should feel focused and organized and still look the part. Not have distractions that will shift your attention and make you less productive.

To sum up, the above are just a few of the things to keep in your desk area. Others like political items are also not welcome like political buttons unless you are in a political office as your taste and that of your coworkers may be different. Diffusers too, are not a great idea to have in your office, especially since your colleagues may not be sharing the same tastes in fragrance as you. The above things are some you should never keep at your desk at work if you want to be productive.